What's up Hackers?!

My name is Dilligara007. (Which is an acronym for Do I Look Like I Give A Rat’s Ass)
I have been gaming for years but recently joined the PC gaming community. I wish I wasn’t so late to joining the band wagon. i just read a post that Chris made welcoming Fling to the community back in Oct '22. He is the reason (Fling) that I decided to check out We Mod. I have always downloaded his trainers and they all had the We Mod Ad on them. I am currently a Lifetime Subscriber at Chit Happens and I have come to realized that I have wasted money over there as I am always downloading his trainers and using his instead of what I have paid for. I have noticed that there are a games that they have over at CH that you guys don’t have here as well as games that you guys have that they don’t have there as well as games that neither you guys have at all. So I decided to come here and check out your community and see what it is about. I am wondering if you guys have a lifetime membership over here like at CH.
$70.00 a year here is about the price for a lifetime membership there.

Well that is who I am and what I am about. It’s all about the hacking baby. I to am also a code creator but nothing as close as Fling’s talents.

I feel like I am at Hogwarts because I have just stumbled upon the website that we are not to mention as I got a message stating that I am not allowed to mention a website because it wouldn’t allow me to post my post. Great!! A website that has censorship or at least afraid of competition.

Welcome to the community~
Fling is a fantastic creator, as well as the others. I do love his trainers for the cozy games I play.

As for lifetime membership, I’m afraid WeMod doesn’t offer one at the moment. If this changes in the future, I’m sure an announcement will be made about it. But there aren’t any plans to introduce any shortly.

As for the watched word, I apologize for any inconvenience.

Ty so much for the reply. I really appreciate it. Nothing to do about it. Cheers.