When i press a hotkey the cheat flashes on then off quickly

I’m having an issue where everytime I press the button for the cheat itll make the sound and flash on then off. if I mash all the buttons a bunch of times in a row maybe like one or two come and stay on


On which games does that happen?

This can happen because Infinity has a problem logging the code it needs to use. it could be possibly that the code needed is not there. say you needed infinite ammo but you did not have a gun. try and having everything you need before turning on the cheat or activating the cheat manually by tab-ing out and turning on the cheat. hope this helps!

Yupp just like rise of the tomb raider try putting infinite ammo on at the beginning of the game and it keeps shutting off because the pistol already has infinite ammo and you don’t have any other gun yet pick up another weapon and cheat will say on after that !

it happens on all the games for all the cheats. ive tried it with cracked steam and origin games to check. I have tried reinstalling infinity twice now.

Use the console to look for any errors if there are any:

Seems weird that it happens on any game.
@frank just in case you might need to look at that

alright will do. it worked the other day no prblm it just started. ill look into it some more and try a couple of things. ill let ya know when I get something.

I doubt it’s all games. Can you list which games you’ve tried on ? specifically is it one of mine?

it was mass effect Andromeda, no mans sky, endless space 2, xcom 2, dishonored 2, and star wars empire at war. I haven’t had time to check every game on my computer because I haven’t had time. I believe some of them had your name on them.

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Wow if it’s all those plus more then has to be something for sure on your end. it’s not the trainers if none work

Are those games up to date? All of the games you mentioned of mine have had several updates and you need to be on latest for the trainer to work.

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