Why Won't Horizon Start Up?

I have done literally everything… Its not firewall
It says this when I double clicking while running as administator

There has been a error starting this virtual appliance. Error code:
C:\Users\My Computer\Downloads\Horizon.exe,0x0003:2

I press ok then this other error page comes up.

hnasm.exe - Application Error
Process ID=0x16d0 (5840), Thread ID=0xe0c (3596)
Click OK to terminate application.
Click CANCEL to debug the application.
I press Cancel and nothing happens please help…

Oh and btw… This program looks amazing… Nice work :smile:

Do you .net framework 4?

Download it here if you don’t - http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=17851.

I don’t think it’s a framework error, it looks like an Xenocode error…

I have both 3 and 4

Net Framework 4 is not required. 3.5 is a must tho. 3.5 Has no support in 4. So please download framework 3.5 from here

If this fails. Try this:
Delete Horizon data

[details= Horizon Data Fix]Sometimes horizon will have problems or errors caused by various things. This is not normally a problem with they way its coded, Could be a variety of things. Try Deleting horizon data from the appdata folder. You can do this by following this Simple Steps:

  • Click Windows Button(Bottom left normally)
  • Search for Run
  • Open and type ‘%Appdata%’ Without Quotations
  • This will open a Folder, Navigate to Local/XenoCode/Horizon and Delete the Horizon Folder. Once Finished, Please go to XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon and Re download Horizon.
  • Once Downloaded, Please Open Horizon.exe. This will Re install these files you have deleted.

Detailed Instructions:

delete Horizon Data

Click the Start Button, If you dont know what that is, Its normally bottom left. It Says start in Windows XP, And in vista and Seven Has 4 Cloloured Flag looking things. CLick it and there should be a search box…

In the search box, Type RUN

You should now have this box:

Type in the Highlighted Blue area, Exactly this:

Copy and paste that.

This should Open:

Or something like this. Click On Appdata At the Top
Now Open Local Folder
Now Open Xenocode
Now Open SandBox

Right Click on Horizon This should Appear:

Click on Delete, Normally 3rd From the bottom, Above Rename

CLick on they Yes Button

Now Please go to XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon

Click Download Horizon Here:

Save this to Desktop, Now Open Horizon.exe
This will now Install the files you deleted.

The Other Way is:
Click Start
Open My Computer
Open: C:/users/YOURUSERNAME/
Click ALT Key
Click Tools
Click Folder Options
Click View
Find and Click Show Hidden Files Folders and Drives.
Appdata Should Now be Visible
Open Appdata
Open Local
Open Xenocode
Open Sandbox
Right Click Horizon
Click Delete

Now Please go to XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon

Click Download Horizon Here:

Save this to Desktop, Now Open Horizon.exe
This will now Install the files you deleted.


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I appreciate you trying dude… I did literally everything that u said… twice… Still comes up with that same two error messages… I’m about to give up… I never give up too… Saddd

Go to “ask the staff” and ask them to help you out.

Dont give up. It will NOT Beat us. Let me read everything again and ill rethink a fix for you.

I am 100% Sure its a Xenocode error.
More to come…

I think I got Somewhere and haha I’ve been trying for awhile man I’m telling you
But yeah now its saying that Horizon Has Stopped Working with the status bar thing.
A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a sloution is available.

Ok, What have you done since the error changed? Did you redownlaod? Did you delete the xenocode data?

This is a long shot, But try restarting your computer. Dont hold down the power button, but go to start, Shutdown. THan try again. You will be amazed at how good this works:P

I just deleted the xenecode data. After the 3rd time lmao
and i’m about to redownload it.

Ok, Re Download, Than Restart Computer. Just for sh1ts n Giggles. You never know your luck in a big city. Report back when done to let us know what worked:) if it does, Fingers crossed.

I basically just kept redownloading it. and haha i restarted it. let me redownload really fast

Since every one failed to ask this what OS are you running? Is it 32 or 64?

Ok, Doing the Download after the restart is the better option.
An example of why you should shutdown every now and than, A friend came to me about a issue with her iPhone. Camera.app kept crashing and apps wouldn’t download. Just said waiting, for about 3 months. So i said give it here ill fix it. Did a hard reset(Held both buttons for about 20 seconds) and fixed every issue.

Im not sure why this happens, but i think it has something to do with the cache and RAM.

Doesn’t exactly effect horizon. It can run on either 64 or 32.

Require Net Framework 3.5 NOT 4.
Sometimes require to be manually run as admin.
Sometimes requires a firewall and anti virus exception. THis is about it.

Accidental double post. Sorry.


how i check again i think its 32 but cant remember

How come I have crappy luck with everything besides women lmao

Ok, Just Quickly Review this check list:

  • Net Framework 3.5 Installed, Not just 4.
  • Run as admin
  • Re Downlaoded
  • Deleted Xenodata
  • Firewall AND Antivirus Exception
  • Correct MD5 Hash Code

All of these checked?

Please take a screen shot of your system info:
Go to Start menu
Right click My Computer
Click Properties and screen shot this page please.

MD5 Hash Code??

Make sure you Horizon download are not corrupt, or broken. To do this you’ll need to verify the MD5 hash. To calculate the MD5 hash you can download an application to check it. The software is called “MD5 Check”. Simply run the application and click “Browse” and choose your Horizon download, then click “Calculate”. The Horizon MD5 hash should be:Please Post it here Download MD5 Check here: MD5 Check Download - Softpedia

It should be: