[Winner] HorizonMB Lifetime Diamond

I choose Zodiac13 for a number of reasons. First off he won in regards to obtaining the popular vote. So that immediately went into my decision. If more than one person is saying something consistent it’s a good chance its true. So to decide further if he should win I inspected his posts, and I like what I saw. He helps out a lot around the community. Kind of reminds me how I was back then, always striving to help a group of people out in anyway I could. Sounds selfless but in reality I was doing it because it made me feel good about myself. So maybe it was selfish but the end result is good. And unlike myself, Zodiac can approach issues with users on a very mature level. I wish I could say the same about myself, while I like to help people out, I found myself being extremely passive aggressive at times out of fustration. Zodiac seems to do the opposite and he’s an excellent role model for the community here at XboxMB, I mean HorizonMB. Old habits.

[b]I’d like to thank all of you for entering the contest and following all the rules. Some may think it wasn’t a fair contest but I took everyone of your entries seriously and searched profiles for post quality, and other traits. That’s why it took so long.

Enjoy your lifetime HorizonMB Diamond membership man, keep modding![/b]




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HorizonMB Lifetime Diamond Contest!
Celebrating 4+ years of my first home.

Contest Details
So I have a gem, lifetime Diamond for Horizon!
I don’t use it, so I wanna give it to someone who needs it more than I do. I’m giving you my personal Diamond subscription, staff will transfer it. I got written permission from Cheater912 to do this, so please don’t give me any trouble.


  • Only one entry/post per person.
  • Do NOT PM me regarding the contest. I will contact you.
  • If you win, do not share your account and follow all terms of use of Horizon. Your ‘lifetime’ subscription can be cancelled at any time if you decide not to follow the rules.

Failure to follow rules may result in being disqualified from the contest.

[b]How to enter:[b]
Simply post here and give me a brief explanation on why you think you deserve lifetime Diamond.


Post and nominate a member that you think deserves lifetime Diamond.

[i]The winner will be chosen 24 hours after I receive a good number of entries (50+).
Please do not enter if you can afford or already have lifetime Diamond. I will choose the winner based on numerous factors, plain and simple. I choose the winner based who I feel deserves it. I’m going to be looking for people who give back to the community, follow the rules and are a valued member of HorizonMB. Do not argue with me about the winner, I don’t have to do this, I want to.

This contest is intended for people who are passionate about Xbox modding and perhaps don’t have the resources to obtain Horizon Diamond membership. Meaning if you can afford Diamond please do not enter, I know it’d be nice for lifetime but there’s people out there who are passionate about Xbox modding and are young and can’t afford Diamond.[/i]

Thanks and good luck to everyone, its nice to be back to the place I would consider my first home on the internet.


wow, thank you so much. I really do not have a complete reason why tbh, I just think it would be really nice to have since I help a lot of my friends with modding. Thank you so much!

well im boss and I love gameing

You’re disqualified, because I’m a boss. Kidding but please put a little more thought into your post.

First of all, thanks for being a ‘Cool Cody’ and hosting this giveaway. Anyway on to the reason, well I play games and mod them so it would help out a lot, I also have a 0.7045 thanks to post ratio (The same as Steve Wonda’s, approximately, just in case one of you comes in and tells me I’m wrong). I know I haven’t been on the site long but I think I have gained a good amount of thanks since I joined. I try and help people out with their issues.

And. Oh. Welcome Back.

Yo bro I need diamond in a modder I do free rgh/jtag lobbies if want one ill be happy to do one for free in trade for the diamond account! Look toward to hearing from you!

I think I deserve this since I am fairly active on the site and I plan on doing some modded saves for the community in the future!

Its a Giveaway not a trade.

I used to help a lot, but then I got busy with school…but I might as well give it a shot…

Thanks, Cody.

Well, to start I just want it to be known that this is very generous of you Cody. I’ve seen you a lot of this site and may have only addressed you a few times, but through-and-through this is a very generous thing to offer the HorizonMB community…whatever is left of it. Now, regarding the giveaway, I think it’d be awesome if I could get lifetime Diamond, but, when compared to a few other members, it’d be hard for me to stand out.

1.) Ever since I joined HorizonMB (XboxMB) I tried to stay as active as possible. Granted, every since Destiny released, I haven’t been as active as I once was, but I would try to post every-now-and-then to keep the site thriving or at least keep threads bumped for others to keep entertained while I’m offline.

2.) I’ll never come close to holding the most giveaways, but I have held a few that I’m very pleased with the outcome and so, whenever it may be, I’ll definitely hold some more giveaways in the future if I have anything I feel is worth something to others within the community.

3.) Every time I’m in the need for Diamond I don’t have it. Granted, I don’t do much modding and so Horizon collects a lot of dust on my computer, but if I were to have lifetime diamond than I’d never have to worry about having Diamond, obviously.

Overall, I know I’m not that lucky of a guy and so I don’t intend on winning this, I’m basically just entering to enter like I normally do with any giveaway, and so whoever wins I congratulate you and hope you use the “lifetime name” with honor because I missed having the banner/title by only a few months. Lol

Thanks again for the giveaway and best of luck to all who enter!

Thank you for the giveaway. I think I deserve lifetime diamond because I use Horizon pretty much everytime for my modding needs. It’s the all in one program for me for Xbox 360 modding. I’m also really into modding ever since I bought my Xbox and Lifetime Diamond would be super helpful since I use it whenever I have to mod my games or profile and also because I don’t have a constant source of funds to buy diamond everytime and I’m only 15 years old. Also, today is the last day of my diamond subscription.

EDIT: I just managed to renew my diamond for a little more while anyway. It’d still be great to have a Lifetime Diamond Membership though.

That’s it. Anyway, good luck to the rest of the participants!

**** giveaways like this should be banned, you should not be able to host a giveaway and the terms to win are that you been to post why you should win, that’s plain ****ing ******ed.

Gl on everyone entering but this giveaway is stupid, any new member or first time poster will no way win this, why would Cody give lifetime membership to some new kid that has 3 posts.

Sweet give away Cody. This isn’t my entry. Although I use Horizon a little bit. A lifetime membership would be wasted on me. Good luck to all who enter and thanks for the giveway.

If I could nominate someone for it you could give it to Troy

Nice giveaway.

I think I deserve a shot because I’m very active on the site. The only time I don’t have a HMB page open is pretty much when I’m sleeping.
Try my best to help noobs out in the middle of the night when all the smart people are sleeping.
Whenever I find a good deal online, or an exploit of some sort I always come here first to share it with the community.

I’ve been here four years and have only gotten one infraction, for thanking a bot post I thought was funny. Learned my lesson, and I haven’t broken any rules since.

I have a really tight budget, so diamond is out of my reach. The only way for me to obtain diamond is through giveaways, and I’ve entered at least 20 of them and never won.

If I were to win this, I wouldn’t abuse my lifetime by modding peoples saves with diamond-only editors.

Finally, good luck to everyone!

I would certainly benefit from having this gift, but I don’t like to see others miss out, which is why I haven’t entered… Until now. Cody has the final decision and if I’m selected, it will be great!

All the best to everyone who enters though.

Give me a good reason and maybe I will?
Why should someone with 3 posts and a member since yesterday have a chance? I clearly stated I wanted to give it to someone who is a pillar to the community here at HorizonMB. Someone with 3 posts most likely isn’t contributing towards the site in a way thats worthy of earning a priceless gift. Read the prerequisites I listed…

Now please if you’re going to bash my giveaway do so to staff on a separate forum.
I’m giving away something of my own that I paid for and isn’t even available anymore. Surely I can choose who can and can’t win. It’s my giveaway. It’s like you saying on a car giveaway “THIS IS STOOPID THAT A REQUIREMENT IS TO HAVE A LICENSE TO WIN THIS CAR. HOW ARE PEOPLE LIKE MIDDLE SCHOOLERS GOING TO HAVE A CHANCE?!”

plural noun: prerequisites
a thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist.
“sponsorship is not a prerequisite for any of our courses”

I should winnit because I am here for 2 years and I am running out of it and horizonmb is my jam
#cody rocks

Because you’re not god, you don’'t have some supernatural power that lets you see into the future. How do you know if a member that has been here for 1 month or 1 day will be a great contributor to this place? You don’t know, just like you don’t know if a member that has been here for 3 years will leave this website next week for whatever reason.

Look at yourself for example, you joined 4+ years ago, on your first day of joining nobody knew if you would or wouldn’t be here 4 years later yet here you are giving away lifetime Diamond. I don’t see how you can choose the winner of a competition based off if you like what you read as to why they think they should win and whatever other factors you may consider.

Anyway, my opinion vs yours, there is no right answer. I’ll stop commenting, don’t want to bash your giveaway. Good luck to everyone :smiley:


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“a supernatural being”
synonyms: paranormal, psychic, magic, magical, occult, mystic, mystical, miraculous, superhuman, supernormal, hypernormal, extramundane; More
antonyms: natural, normal
unnaturally or extraordinarily great.
“a woman of supernatural beauty”
noun: supernatural; plural noun: supernaturals
manifestations or events considered to be of supernatural origin, such as ghosts.
“a frightening manifestation of the supernatural”

Just stepping in here, if you don’t like the giveaway don’t enter it. It’s Simple.