Xbox LIVE Update Public Beta (Xbox IE) [Still On, Sign Up!]

As far as I know, on Facebook ‘Xbox IE’ have just made a post saying…

Including in the link…

[b]Xbox LIVE Update Public Beta Program Agreement[b]

This is an agreement between Microsoft Corporation (or based on where you live, one of its affiliates) and you.

Confidential Information.Allsoftware made available to you under this program (the “Preview Materials”) are confidential information of Microsoft. Preview Materials include without limitation Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE software, Microsoft’s partners’ content, and any associated user interfaces, features, or documentation. You may allow immediate family members permanently living in your home to use the Preview Materials. Otherwise, you may not disclose Preview Materials or information about the Preview Materials to third parties.

       [b]Do NOT:[/b]

· Blog about the Preview Materials.
· Post pictures, screenshots, or video clips of the Preview Materials.
· Discuss the Preview Materials, in discussion forums, emails, or podcasts.
· Talk with the media or press about the Preview Materials. This includes bloggers, newspaper reporters, and television reporters.

What happens if you breach your confidentiality obligation? Microsoft will take appropriate action, which may include:
· Revocation of access to Microsoft materials including Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 content.
· Banned from future programs.
· Criminal prosecution.

Feedback.Pleaseprovide feedback about the Preview Materials to Microsoft. You give Microsoft, without charge, the right to use, share and commercialize your feedback in any way and for any purpose. These rights survive this agreement.

Personally Identifiable Information. You understand and agree that personal information may be collected during the program. Any personal information provided during this project may be used by Microsoft for internal research and development purposes. If your console software crashes, we will be collecting information directly from your console. This information will be treated as described in the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

Bing Voice Search.Note that when you or immediate family members permanently living in your home use Bing voice search, all voice commands are sent to Microsoft and stored on Microsoft servers to provide the Bing voice search service and improve Microsoft products. Searches are saved in association with your Windows Live ID. You cannot disable Bing voice search, but can choose not to use Bing voice search if you do not want all voice commands sent to Microsoft.

Pre-Release Software.You acknowledge that due to the unique nature of pre-release software update programs, there is a risk that this software update may impair your console’s functionality or even render it inoperable. Consoles registered with the Beta program are the only consoles that will be allowed into the Beta program.

You represent that you are over the age of majority in the country where you live and have the full right and authority to sign this agreement.

Link: Click Here

Umm besides being 24 hours late the registration is already closed.

Yeah I noticed that, but Xbox IE just made another post with another one so i’m guessing this one gives you a few others, not too sure.

I’d thought i’d just share incase it is. :3

i got it im on xbox now :o

It works!!! go on Xbox IE facebook page for new link,

Yes i am in Woo!

Thanks. Registered my device, got key, ect. Works 100% as of right now. Hurry before they close it again because everyone shares with the intarwebs.

I’d prefer not to brick my Xbox.

this wont brick your xbox :confused:

Chris just told me it has the potential to.

:o really? that’s weird

Maybe if you have a Xbox that is flashed.
I’ve been on every dashboard update - Your console won’t get bricked.
According to Chris, the dashboard sign ups were also finished and you couldn’t sign up for them anymore. Seems he was wrong?
Can’t always believe what someone else says.

It is beta software, you never know what can go wrong. I’ve seen it done before and MS doesn’t have to fix your xbox.

They were closed yesterday after just an hour.

It worked, yay. Thanks dude.

true well i got it hope i doesn’t rape my xbox :anguished:

I took a risk. I got my key. Fingers crossed.

Oh yeah I did this lol

Thank you sir just go the dash from this!

too late for me

its still up i jsut got signed up on it and got accepted.

Try again, its still up.

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