Xbox One Game Sharing Questions

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Got a question or two for this online encyclopedia. I recently purchased an Xbox One to play with my friends, and we are wanting to game share. There are 3 people on 3 consoles. One of my friends already has access to my games.

Simply put, I need to know how to game share among 3 consoles, 3 accounts. Is this possible? Will we run into license issues? Is there a tutorial for this? We don’t want to run into “home console” issues that prevent us from playing the games we want on the console we want. Just needing a comprehensive explanation on this.


This has already been asked: Here

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However, that really didn’t answer how to do it. Just some people that were “kind of” sure how it worked. I suppose the question now would be how to effectively license transfer among 3 consoles without running into ownership conflictions. I suppose there is no way for 3 people to play the same game without having more than one copy.

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I am an official “GameSharing Buddy”. I hope the following information helps…

• You can only GameShare with one other friend/account at one time.
• You can only GameShare on two separate consoles at one time.
• Microsoft will only allow you to change the person you GameShare with 3 times in one year.
• To my knowledge, you can also share Xbox Live Gold, not just DLC and Games.

The way I remember it is like this;- Two Accounts, Two Consoles, One Game between them all.

(I hope this was helpful, anyone feel free to correct me on anything if I have it wrong.)

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Thanks. So in theory, three people can play the same game online on three consoles so long as there are two copies of the game in rotation. For example, if I own GTA V and share it with one other person, the third friend will have to have his own copy, then we can all play together. However, the third person may also share his copy with the second, using one of three yearly swaps. Leaving first friend to share his again.

The same being true for more than 1 game in rotation, in theory.

If three people wanted to share more than one game, at least two copies would be needed, and you simply switch the home Xbox setting for each playing session.

Friend A and B are game sharing. Both are playing GTA. GTA is owned by A. Friend C wants to play but doesn’t own GTA.

friend A starts to game share with C, but now B can’t play because A set his home Xbox as C and C set his as A.

A goes back to game sharing with B, now they have their Xboxs set as home Xboxs. Now A can’t swap for a whole year.

Two Xboxs Two accounts One Game. Friend C will need a different game sharer.

All you have to do is call microsoft and ask them if they can remove restriction, i did it yesterday and they did.

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I know this is an old thread but I had a question if you have three consoles A,B, and C and A sets B’s. Xbox box to home B sets C’s Xbox at home and C sets A’s Xbox as home so that it makes a circle between them each being able to access the next persons games and dlc? Has anyone tried this I feel like if each is able to take from the next it would complete a circle?

I’m not sure if it’s changed but you can only share on TWO consoles at one time. There is only A & B but no C.

You’d need two copies of the game… but here’s what my friends and I are doing…

Friends A B and C

A links his xbox to C’s account

B links his xbox to A’s account

C links his xbox to B’s account

Then we collectively decide on what games we’re buying, and who buys them. Everyone takes a turn, and we rotate who purchases.

Quick question. Okay you know there’s ebay with sellers that sell accounts for… let’s say Overwatch… you buy it and they send you the account information to download the game. And they somehow did this with others. Can I have the account set as my home console and download the game while I’m also already gamesharing with a friend ? I don’t want to not be able to play the games I have downloaded before…

You can download all the games you want. But as you keep switching profiles and setting different accounts as the home console, it will only allow you play games linked to that specific profile. Attempting to launch a game after will just throw an error message at you until you switch back the profile that owned the game.

But I have another Question:
I want to buy a game but a digital code does not exist for that game, instead people make Microsoft Accounts; buy the game digitally on that account then sell that account. I am currently game shared with a friend.

I am Console A, my friend is console B, and the account will be Console C.

If A and B are shared together then C shares to A, can B play the shared games on C?

no, that is not how it works

Would this work? If I have gta and my friend wants it he sets my account as the home xbox. i dont set his tho. but then i want a game from another friend and i set his acoount as the home console would that work?

Would this work? If I have gta and my friend wants it he sets my account as the home xbox. i dont set his tho. but then i want a game from another friend and i set his acoount as the home console would that work? …

it means your friend would be able to use your gta and you would be able to use your other fgriends games,
Game sharing works between to parties not three

I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. But please don’t take my word for it.