XBOX ONE – How To Install A Bigger Hard Drive!

Only possible via Linux at the moment. A Windows application is being worked on.
Obviously this method requires you to open your Xbox One console, voiding your warranty.


  1. Connect your HDD and take note of what its called (ex: sda, sdb etc)
  1. Run the script with the device name as the first parameter
  2. It will ***** about missing partitions etc, but write a file with commands to create said missing partitions
  3. Run the created script
  4. Copy the correct files to the newly created partitions
  5. Unmount the newly created partitions
  6. Run the main script again

Putting it back together

When you put the new HDD in your console for the first time and boot up, the console will go the the green “Xbox One” screen, pause for a second or two, then shut down. Boot the console again. This time it should pause at the green screen for a while longer, then go to a black screen for even longer. It can take several minutes before anything happens after this, the xbox is automatically creating temporary files during this time. If you copied everything correctly, it WILL go to the dashboard eventually, just be patient!


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Most members can run linux and would be able to do this but perhaps a video tutorial or at least step by step guide to help those who dont know how to do exactly what is needed.

If you can’t install linux, you shouldn’t be doing this. We’ve been spoonfeeding waaaay too much to new people. They need to take some initiative for once and look it up if they can’t.

I am obviously not talking about telling someone how to install an OS.

I am more referring to the “write a file with commands to create said missing partitions”
Most users are used to a GUI based OS and wont know what to do there.

I agree!. If you don’t know how to do it then maybe you should not be doing it in the first place.

OT: Now i need to buy a Hard Drive 2 days till payday!!! :thumbsup:

This is silly…the point of this site is to share/educate about xbox related stuff… we could probably make these and sell them …but that wouldnt be right…the point is to give everyone who comes to the site the ability/help to do stuff like this.

If this site doesnt…others will and then this site becomes less of a go to place for xbox related stuff.

Match his level.

Nookie laid this out well; it’s a more advanced process, do the research and make it happen.
I’d have to teach myself a few things first too…

This is awesome, can’t wait to see what’s in store for this console.

Agreed, the point of a tutorial is to help those who don’t have the same knowledge as you learn that information. If everybody had the attitude where they expected someone to know something or otherwise they shouldn’t try, we wouldn’t even have much of a modding community. So please, be respectful to other members who don’t know as much as you do and try to help them in any way you can.

I am not complaining to nookie…all he has to go on is the info the site has given and I wouldnt expect him or others to post a tutorial until they check this themselves.

I was just giving the suggestion that it would help some members who are less familiar with linux.

I could post a tutorial myself but I am not yet opening my xbox one,s so cant test this and therefore it wouldnt make sense for me to do so.

I am not telling anyone else to go doing this just to give a tutorial I am just saying if someone does do it …to remember to record it and post it so people can take a look.

Thank you!

Anyone have a recommendation for a good SSD / HD to use?

I have a 3T HD that I was thinking about doing.

Most users here are also use to an all-in-one program where all they have to do is click “max all stats” to “mod” something as well, it’s time for things like that to change, especially with the X1.

Spoonfeeding is the reason hardly anyone on this website can do anything for themselves anymore.

Firstly, he’s just laid it out step-by-step (even though its a copy and paste from another site) on what to do. Would you also like him to give step by step instructions on how to use linux if you’ve never even heard of it before? Come to reality with your own post, this is a site related to sharing XBOX related stuff, so why on earth would anyone sit and write tutorials on how to use LINUX on an XBOX RELATED site.

This is an advanced process, if you can’t do it, wait for the windows application to be created. Don’t beg to be spoonfed and then make out that its the communities duty to spoonfeed.

also I think you need to re-read these steps:

  1. It will ***** about missing partitions etc, but write a file with commands to create said missing partitions
  2. Run the created script

It clearly states that it will moan about missing partitions, but will then write a file to create said missing partitions, the next step is to run that script. So before you start dictating to people about how they should explain how to do something, maybe read the steps more carefully.

So would a Linux VM work fine?

I dont know if you can make the whole HDD visible to the VM.
To be 100% sure, start Ubuntu off a USB Stick (Its not that hard) :wink:
Just make sure youre not using the wrong HDD, when using the Script.

LOL…truc…you cwazy bro…you cwazy

The point of this site is not to educate and share about Xbox related stuff. That’s how it used to be, and many of us have tried (and are trying) to preserve this. Unfortunately, as hard as many of us try - it doesn’t seem to be happening. This site is a site of business, and XboxMB and Horizon are in it for the money as far as I can see. I really don’t know for sure, but if I were to guess - they are developing and researching for profit.

By saying many of us are trying preserve this, I mean preserve open-source software, as well as sharing research. I see posts from years ago on the internet of Unknown helping others and having open discussions about security and reversing the kernel. That’s all gone now, and I’d have to blame that on Horizon. Nothing against Unknown, because I have no idea about his financial status, it just sucks for us.

Additionally, Experiment5X and I have tried so hard to make things open source to help educate others. While this may have worked, those people who have been educated seem to be making stuff closed-source anyway. It’s like it’s all a big secret, when in reality, I think it would be a lot more fun for all of us if it were open-source and people shared their knowledge.

Now, the Horizon team has members that have helped mature Xbox 360 modding. With that said, they did this before Horizon existed. I am now worried that these same people will not help contribute to the Xbox One scene, because they will be trying to make a program that they could make a profit from selling rather than releasing their research openly. This is terrible, and in my opinion, very possible. This means that their program (Horizon) will be the only one able to mod games, and until someone else steps up to the plate - nobody else will know how to decrypt (or parse) the Xbox One containers (or the NAND).

Hopefully, that never happens. To be honest, I hope the Horizon developers are the last people to discover how to parse/decrypt the containers. If they aren’t, there’s a possibility (maybe not, though) that they won’t share it and will pretty much have a monopoly (not that they already don’t).

Anyway, to Horizon developers and anyone else doing research: please share your work publicly. I understand keeping game-specific things (game save formats) private, but please please don’t keep things private that are general Xbox One related things (decrypting NAND, parsing those containers - I think they’re called XVD).

In fairness there is a thread in the xbox 1 section started by truc (AKA the honey badger)
…lol…where alot of people including horizon devs post what they learn…now im sure they may not post everything but I think I have seen people with red names in there adding on to or correcting other posters so it looks like for now the horizon devs are into sharing and caring :thumbsup: … we cant exactly expect them to go releasing the code to a modder or posting a full tutorial “how to build a horizon from scratch” …but they dont seem to try hide every little step.

Theyve just pushed that Thread into specific directions, cleared some stuff up.
Im 99% sure they know more then they say, obviously, and we dont want a tutorial/code.
Just releasing research, pseudocode, whatever, every piece of information is valuable :slight_smile:

I totally agree with hetelek, but on the other hand … its THEIR research, THEIR work, THEY can do what ever they want with it.
It would be great if they would reveal how the encryption works, just pushing things into the right direction again…

Very help full Tut, thanks Nookie.

Will be interesting to see what a Hybrid HDD runs like in the xbox One. Would consider a SSD if it didn’t cost almost the same price as the console to replace the existing drive with a equal sized SSD. Can’t justify the price for shaving few seconds off boot times and loading times.