Your new Queue system is broken

Open County game has been in 3rd place for over a week. Other games are getting updated and overtaking 3rd place consistently. If ‘Vagera’ can’t figure out the Open Country trainer, give the job to someone who can. Looks to me that the ‘Queue’ is not a queue at all. It’s a 'maybe, perhaps, dunno, too hard, i hope no one notices … list to me. Give Open Country to Fling. He knows what he’s doing. He would get it done in 20 mins. Vagera is either asleep or dead. Someone go check out his situation please.

The queue is not broken.

The order of games in the queue does constantly change based on several factors. I’ll quote a post below to explain those to you.

This is a democratic system that makes sure the majority are heard. There’s nothing WeMod can do other than respect the majority of the community’s democratic decisions.

You also need to bear in mind that,

  1. Trainer developers are human. They are limited by the same working days and hours as everyone else. They need sleep, food, holidays and family time, just like you.
  2. Some trainers take longer than others to successfully develop due to the way the game was coded by the game developers, which is not something WeMod has any control over.
  3. Sometimes a trainer might be finished, but our testing team discover a cheat causes a major issue in the game so it’s release gets frozen while we look into that.

FLiNG and Vagera (and MrAntiFun, and STiNGERR) have exactly the same skill levels. If you’re going to disrespect our staff then this community is not the place for you. Next time, ask for clarification rather than jumping to incorrect and disrespectful conclusions.