Aliens: Fireteam Elite Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Ty for the reply, didn’t know that this was always an issue

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I beat the game with all achievements. Here’s the trick. When you’re in a stage with synth enemies, quickly disable the shield and health mods, attack them really fast then enable the health and shield mods again. That’s how I got past all those stages and unlocked 100% of the achievements. If you want a partner to do this with just lmk and I’ll help you get the achievements.

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I am trying to do the same strategy for beating these 3 missions on extreme. I cannot do it. The synths are very strong. I need help.

sure Ill help you

I am playing the xbox version on my pc. My gamertag is Capomastro 360. Can we try to beat these together on extreme and insane? I am on gmt+2.

Cheats aren’t working, please update!

pls update

infi heath and Sheild are not working

Adding to other comments I see, the Unlimited Resources does NOT give you 10m of every card. Some don’t get affected at all. Also, is it possible to get the Doc’s ‘health turret’ to have ‘unlimited ammo’?

EDIT: Also, not to argue with anyone else, but even when you have the Health and Shield on, elite enemies can be damaged. Just not by you, it seems. Or not by gunfire, at least. Not sure about grenades. In any case, turning off the cheats long enough to kill the elite then instantly back on is semi-effective. As much as those two work at all.

Game Patched ver jun 21.
Is it possible to update the cheats? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the cheat but they stopped working after I updated wemod today. Working fine yesterday.

Nothing in the update would have changed how the cheats function. Have you made sure that the newest trainer is selected from the History?

Hi Chris, yes I am using the most current version 4/22. I only listed the new update to wemod because that was the only thing I changed since yesterday. I started the game using the play function but did not get the unlimited health. Even after activating and deactivating it. No avail. I hope to get this fixed since the game is on sale and you’ll have lots of people using this mod.