Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Some functions not working , can u fix this pls <З

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inventory cheats are not working at all

Just recently started Playing black flag again, just wanted give heads up to anyone that may be curious…I have played the last 2 days without any issue. I have the Steam version and all cheats are working perfectly for me. No crashes at all either.

none of the cheats work

well cheat work but after a while keep crashing my game don’t know why.

happened to me keep crashing after use

Everything works except for the Unlimited Ship Health. When I enable it the health still goes down.

undetected cheat doesent work on steam


Infinite Health sometimes causes you to enter the “Near Death” state, where the game tells you to escape conflict to regenerate health, however you never return from this state despite the amount of health you have, even after losing health it doesn’t fix itself, until you enter a loading screen

Turning Undetected on while you’re seen doesn’t work

Freezing mission timers before they’re instated instantly fail you

Unlimited Ammo forces an auto-switch when you use throwing knives

Unlimited Ship Health doesn’t work during the first mission with the Jackdaw

does this works with Freedom cry?