Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Cheats and Trainer for Steam

unlimited ship health does not work

I am playing this game on my main monitor and I have WebMod open on another (my TV). But once the game starts I can’t access the other monitor in order to pick my codes I want. With the game open I can’t even access the desktop, otherwise the game will exit and I have to start over with the same problem.

Any advice suggestions?

Play in windowed mode

Not working on cracked steam version

WeMod can’t assist you if your game is cracked.

Ok thank for answer

do these mods still work for black flag with the newest version? i just updated mine today on 2023/06/22 do the mods still work for the 2023 version?

The trainer doesn’t work for the latest version of the game and the last update for the trainer was 4 years ago. Doesn’t seem like this one will get updated anymore, so might be best to find another trainer that will work.

There’s not much we can do when our testers test the game after an update and it’s working fine for them.

i havent tried the mods i was just asking because usually when it updates wemod says the game requires testing but when black flag updated the trainer didn’t say required testing. Also is this not a trainer that works with any update that comes out? i mean a universal trainer

Trainer is outdated now after the update. Please update trainer.

Unlimited cash and undetected doesn’t work at least. Only ones I’ve tried.

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Can confirm, none of those two work, resetting money also did nothing for me.
Please update!


I have just tried using them today and the resources dont seem to work while the others do.

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mine doesnt work either the money and all other things

Hola, como se hace eso ?, muchas gracias

  1. You open steam
  2. Go to your library
  3. Right click on the game
  4. Hover over “Manage”
  5. Click “Browse local files”

I found it in the folder steam opens to directly, from there you can drag the icon to your WeMod app for Blackflag. I havent tested this yet but thats how you do it


I have tried this method and what happens is when you buy something your funds going to R999 no matter what you purchased so it still doesnt work

Does some1 know how long it takes to get this updated

the unlimited cash for steam isnt working even after the update not sure if im doing something wrong or what but i tried everything to see if its something with the files and such but its still not working. lucky the unlimited resources offers a work around lol


I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. It seems like the unlimited ship health isn’t working either

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