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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cheats and Trainer for Uplay


I’d really appreciate knowing WHICH functions don’t work. Thank you!


oh lowl the game just updated and everything works unless you fixed it?


The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cheats have been updated!


  • Updated to 1.0.7

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Any possibility to see a resource cheat for Orihalcum Ore now that the game is cracked? Obviously it would just work for cracked versions, but I’m sure alot of people would appreciate it.


Sorry. No. I don’t think you understand how Orichalcum works. Even if you had it for some reason available in the cracked version, you would not be able to do anything with it because the shop gets items from Ubisoft. You won’t have any refresh or update when talking to the shop guy in Pe-something…


Do you think their is a way to increase movement speed? Not really important because we have teleport thanks to you, but i was just curious if that was even possible.

I just thought it would be funny if you could tweak the equipment bonus that increases movement speed when crouched to an absurd amount.



Thank you for your work on this! I wouldn’t enjoy this game as much without your trainer.

I hope this hasn’t been discussed already (I tried searching the thread, but find-in-page was flaky). I would love to have a 1.5x option for the XP multiplier. Would you add that to the settings?


I was wondering if you could add your origins trainer to this platform (I think you said you had one written). All i can find on the web are ones with viruses or paywalls. There is one listed but it only has a few features, and I was mostly interested in teleport, because I generally just use these things to bypass time sinks and get on with the fun parts.

Either way, thank you for this mod.


Sorry, no. If you already use a trainer to cheat the game then there’s no point “making it play like it was intended” (as in cheat the “buy 1.5x multiplier from Ubi”). Plus the interface allows only integer values (1,2,3…). Cheers!


You can go with the table posted on FRF; has those features :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the reply. What is FRF? I tried doing a search.



Friesischer Rundfunk!
Yes that’s what FRF means.

@SunBeam why FRF? Why not just call it FR? or better cheat Engine Forums


Hi the Ancients Tablet for resource picker doesn’t seems to work on my end any way to fix it ? having troubles getting it thanks for trainer!



See #10.


How do i refer to #10 to fix the acient tablet problem sorry kinda new here


In his reply you click on AC Odyssey and then you search for the #10


He is referring to this


You can buy them from the blacksmith if you don’t have 1.


it still doesnt seem to work for my end … thanks anyways!


Do you have at least 1 tablet? No? The option doesn’t create inventory items for you. You need to have the object existing in your inventory to then be able to adjust the amount. No object, no amount. You see 0 in-game.