Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

My English is not the best but I’ll try my luck.
The cheats I need for the game work except for one, which sometimes has a fatal error that forces me to close the game via Task Manager.
It is about the teleporter cheat ( teleport to waypoint ). The first time the cheat works fine most of the time. I open the map, mark a point ( a free area, not a vantage point etc. as it says in the description ) I press the combination or touch the button on the cell phone (of course I used the cheat Enable Teleporter before and ran around a bit in the world, killed some enemies etc.). ). The second time I use the cheat the screen goes black, nothing works in the game, I don’t hear anything, nothing happens no matter what I press. It’s like someone presses the pause button in the game and disables the keyboard.
The only thing that helps is to quit the game via the task manager and then restart the game.

I have been using the trainer for a long time and only have the problem with this cheat, I also try everything first to exclude errors from me. Possibly only I have the problem, have overlooked something or do something wrong?
Ask me quietly if something is still unclear.

Because I have a lot to do at the moment, I answer delayed.

If possible, even if the main language here is English please answer in German.

also can your replace resource pick to unlimited resources its really stupid just has two separate setting