Assassin's Creed Syndicate Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

After activating the trainer game always crashed on Ubisoft.

I have legit copy of this game and this trainer unfortunaly didn’t work for me so I download a cracked version by nosteam and used mrantifuns tainer, now fully working nice to play my game how I want :).
thought I would update my comment incase others really want a trainer working with this game just use nosteams version.

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Will this ever get an update and more options?

Cannot for the life of me get any trainer to work. Please, Please let us have an update soon.

I guess this trainer is dead.

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Came here to see what was going on with this trainer and found this. Darn


Hi, are you planning to update the mods because crashes are boring?

I can confirm it does not work. Followed the instruction and did not use the pause menu at all, game still crashes instantly upon activating.

The first time I used this trainer, yesterday, it worked like a charm… Even the 1k cash one… Then, all of a sudden, the 1k cash triggers the game to crash.

As others have said it is SO tedious grinding for cash in this game! The unlimited health seems to work though but I only really use that because I want to get better at the combat without constantly effing dying all the time when mobbed by 5+ people, one of which has a damn gun.

Things I’ve tried.

  1. Making sure to run the game as ‘admin.’
  2. Making sure to play for about 5-10 minutes before triggering the cheat.
  3. Assigning a different hotkey to said cheat in case that was causing it.

The only thing that seemed to work was playing for 5-10 minutes but then I could only use the 1k money cheat 3 times before the game crashed making it pointless as it doesn’t save your plunder with it.

I don’t know if this will help the people who make trainers or not, but Fling has an archived trainer that still works perfectly for AC Syndicate, has a lot of options, and doesn’t have any issues working around the game’s anti-cheat. I’ll add a link so users looking for a working trainer can use this until WeMod decides to update this one. Hopefully WeMod will see this and be able to work with Fling to add this trainer to WeMod, but maybe not. I don’t know for sure how that works.

I’m using the link for the main archive page rather than going directly to the One-Drive link so that it’s easier to tell that it’s not random malware.

To download the Fling trainer, click the link in this comment, then click the link to the One-Drive file on the page, then find the trainer for this game and click it to download. You’ll have to unzip it, and run it at the same time as the game. There is music when opening the trainer for whatever reason, so if you want to just click the musical note to mute it after launching it.

Here are the options in the Fling trainer:

infinite health
infinite money
infinite throwing knives
infinite smoke bombs
infinite bullets
infinite experience
max skill points
infinite medicine
infinite hallucinogenic darts
infinite voltaic bombs
infinite fear bombs
infinite spikes
one hit kill
add 1,000 chemicals
add 1,000 cloths
add 1,000 metals
add 1,000 leathers
2/4/8/16x experience
super speed
slow motion
stealth mode
disable all

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Is it possible to add a feature to increase the number of skill points to unlock the skill tree easily?

I dont like to say that, but the game crashes with the fling-trainer. i started the game normal and as admin but when i press the button for “infinite health” the game crashes one second later and i am back on my desktop …


in my case the following happens to me: there are two different versions of the game: the one on steam both trainers work (wemod+fling) while on Uplay+ only the one from Wemod and with patience (for example after starting the game I activate infinite health, when you teleport or finish the mission automatically it is deactivated, so you have to activate it again, in terms of money I activate it 1 time every time I open a chest)

this needs update, the game has anti debug system that keeps crashing when using trainer.
thank you

Hey stinger was wondering if you would be able to update these cheats and add some like unlimited equipment or unlimited ammo along with unlimited cash some of these are even crashing my game or not working at the moment so itd be great if it got updated has been a year

I second this. I tried using multiple different cheats and the game crashed everytime.

Keep crashing when I used the cheats in both the Ubisoft, Steam, and Epic version. I especially need to use the 16 options one since I don’t have a lot of time to play this game, so I want the Unlimited Skill Points/XP/Money. Any plan on fixing this or working around Ubisoft anti-cheat? Unity works pretty well for me.

@STiNGERR Hey man this trainer doesn’t work at all anymore please fix it already

this trainer still doesn’t work :frowning: