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Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack #2


Click on his picture it tells ya all about him ( if you really want to know lol )
He bean here 6 years now !
Probably a lot of these older posts and links are usually dead
Except for when mr. Wonder re links em again !


I wish it was as easy as simply re-linking haha. I have a large amount of external hard drives with millions of files on them now. AceALot got very lucky today. I already had one of the drives with my RGH/Jtag backup files on it connected to my PC. So all I had to do was find the files and zip them up and then upload it to MEGA. They get taken down pretty quickly even if disguised for some reason. That’s the quickest I could have possibly done that service. Hope he sticks around and shares his thoughts on things and helps out when he can. I do it when I can, not because I have to, but because I can. I really need 25 hours to get everything done in a day but somehow make it all happen in 24.


I have the link copied rn but I wont be able to do anything till later cuz I have to go to sleep sadly and I have to go to the church in the morning. Ill see what I can do to help you tho.


Well ya pretty lucky ! my mega is still good after 3- 4 years of uploading games and dlcs but the worst thing is on my mega is that they are all the letters and file numbers and dont have a clue what they are hahaha i know borderlands dlcs are in there but dont remember the file ( cant even remember what they are called now )
I had another mega account with like 100 gb’s but some crybaby whinned and they banned that account !


Everything wirks just fine, no bugs, no glitches :slight_smile: Ty SteveWonda


Great! Enjoy the stuff.

To anyone else looking for BL2 Headhunter Packs. These links work as of Feb 17, 2019. These files will only work on RGH or Jtag modified Xbox 360 consoles. If links die let me know and I’ll try to resurrect them.

Packs 1,4 & 5:!rc92hYqI!777fBbojRMTCKOfJsgRyy7_qmnmbsTntiQn-qkFfedQ
Packs 2 & 3:!WIEE0QiB!0GWThUJj4iyhmvqeiMoy79m56LE0NjAE8U_LhIE3w7k
Title Updates:!yIMylIRD!smvOZtaFkyoQH0NppO8scy0A-o4Shqyc9WJgjrgBxqI
Costumes Packs, Psycho & Mechromancer Packs, Latest GPD & Save Editors + a couple other cool things:!eYUB2QyQ!oZTVSgv41DZvxjE7-LhXrr_b39ujL4bu54dth5m7pAo


Any chance you have borderlands 2 costume packs? :smiley:


I just looked and have 3 packs on hand. I bundled them with some other small files you or others might like to have.

Here ya go:!eYUB2QyQ!oZTVSgv41DZvxjE7-LhXrr_b39ujL4bu54dth5m7pAo


Man, you’re a legend. Thanks mate.

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Hi guys! I know I am kinda late for the party! Since the discussion has been ages ago! But it would be really grateful if u could out, thanks a lot in advance! Well,.coming to the point, I downloaded UVHM pack 2 from the above Mega link, but unfortunately my Jtag doesnt seem to take it or recognize it… I leveled upto 61 and I can’t level my any further. It says I need to get dlc which is UHVM pack 2. I had all other dlcs in the right place and UHVM pack as well… FYi, its in my JTag along with my other dlcs and even my aurora shows it as an dlc…but I can’t level up nor it shows the peak of Digistruct…should I require season pass as well? Just wondering…any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank u


Is the dlc unlocked ?
You can use gibbed to level up your character plus do a bunch of other things too
Up above Steve wonder has the links for some dlc’s
And the title update too
Guess I should of read your comment better lol


How am I supposed to know if my dlc is unlocked? Kindly guide me through, I aint sure about the things to be done to unlock it…appreciate your interest anyway…and looking forward for guidance :grin::grin::grin:


It should work as it’s worked for many others over the years. It’s most likely a title update issue. Go to and try out some of the latest updates until you get it working.


Will try the title update and will let u know soon…thanks


Works like a charm…thanks for the packs…really appreciate it …cant find it anywhere else, but here… Thanks a ton, keep up the good work :grin: