Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront Cheats and Trainer for Steam

you dont use the trainer. Then it wont crash. Atleast not as often.

the thing is, the trainer is made for the previous build of the game.
its outdated. And even downgrading to the previous game build wont solve it.

all we can do is hope for an update of the trainer to make it more stabile.
its worth mentioning that the game does crash on its own rather often. It is horribly optimized.

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Any news on this yet? It sorely needs an update.


Hopefully Antifun or another creator gets to this game soon because with their recent multiplayer anti-cheat update it is impossible to run this trainer without soon crashing even though most of us including me just want it for the single-player missions.


well i’ve found a “solution” i just played for 3½ hours without a single crash.

im not sure which specifically got it to work.

but i played 1vs1 against the AI in local hosted skirmish one 2 player maps.

and i “only” had unlimited health and unlimited mp on.

for some reason tanks are still immortal with unlimited health, unless ofcourse a superior anti-tank gun hits a weak spot, then the crew are killed or ejected, the tank is still alive and can be re-crewed.

but my tiger 1 managed to keep its crew and stay alive throughout an entire 1½ hour match. Lost infantry rarely, and only to explosive damage. But most of the time they just stood back up.

so temporary solution (for me atleast) is 1v1 on 2 player map with only unlimited health and mp enabled.

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Your game didn’t close by itself? How did you manage to do so if I may ask

simple. Launch the game via the wemod play button.
if you launch the game and then press play your game will close no matter what.

seeing as the anti-cheat will detect the cheat and close the game.

however launching it via the wemod launcher you “bypass” the anti-cheat. Not entirely though. Seeing as some of the crashes are clearly due to the anti-cheat detecting something fishy.

So it seems it lasts roughly 10-20min aside from skirmishes, which means most if not all of the single player campaign is unplayable because their levels are too in depth and it gives time for the anti-cheat to detect it and thus crash/close the game. So the general consensus here is that it desperately needs an update unless you are really into only playing skirmish mode.


i managed to steamroll the campaign, but i had to either play it extremely slowly and avoid certain situations where alot of explosions happened, or i played it quick and hoped it wouldn’t crash.

however like i mentioned in another comment, 1v1 on 2 player maps versus the ai (skirmish) seems to work fine, with just health cheat and unlimited mp.

that being said i did crash today with that setup. So its not foolproof.

this trainer sorely needs an update. when I play the game with no trainer it never crashes, when I play with trainer it usually crashes after about 20-30 minutes.

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Managed to get 2 one hour sessions before crashing again with no subscribed items on steam. Crashes are regular again after this. Definitely still needs an update…


hi trainer is not working for all the update was in march and worked now in june and july not working unllimited health is not working thanks