Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront Cheats and Trainer for Steam

So it seems that there arent as many problems with the game closing when you start via WeMod, although there are still a lot of crashes.

You must launch the game from the app to bypass the anticheats and prevent crashes .

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There is still a considerable amount of crashes without error message.

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hello trainer is nice but i can’t play the game more then 10 min because it crashes and it gives me this error

program will be terminated exception_access_violation read at 0x113a5d1c8
that’s only when i use the trainer from WeMod with other trainer’s it works well please fix it

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You have to backdate to the previous version 1.019, its in the betas section, any update after that is gonna crash even with launching with wemod. they did this because people were using it in online mode, im surprised they didn’t have that stuff stored in servers.

1.02 but it crashes all the time

I understand that they added anti cheat on 1.02 version, but having 1.019 gives me that exception_access_violation error. Any idea how not to get that error at all?

thank you for your trainer , mrantifun and wemod , im so gald to meet this

now the trainer has some problems , if wemod was opened , the game will auto exit , not crash .

and in most of times , unlimited mp , unlimited ap will not work on skirmish mode , well i think its not work for skirmish mode , and i really wish you could add unlimited CP to this trainer , and wish it will work for skirmish mode , thank you ~ :smile:

for now , games has upgraded before , so you cant open wemod when you running GOH , the game will always auto exit , not crash , its just auto exit .

I think EricalsleenaAriel already mentioned this however I wanted to add a bit more. Running the game using WEMod only lasts about 10-20 minutes before it auto-closes/crashes (I have had both in my experience). WEMod will actually still think the game is running until the mods are ended.

This is an absolute killer for me for this since many of the missions and skirmishes run far, far longer than the time the game remains open for. If this can be determined and remedied it would be lovely. I am sorry I cannot provide more information regarding this however without an error report or a bug crash report I can only provide you with the details I know.

In addition:

  • Unlimited AP/MP does not work 95% of the time with Skirmish.
  • Unlimited AP/MP does not work 35% of the time with Conquest.
  • Unlimited Conquest Resources and Research Points will cause closure/crash.
  • Unlimited Ammo activated during a mission or skirmish can lead to crash.
  • Unlimited Fuel activated on a vehicle as it is depleted (reaches 0) can cause crash.

That last one I think isn’t so much the trainer as it is a game logic break. However it has happened and I have repeated it a few times to test it. Hope this helps.

I wonder if you could create the trainer as a Mod inside the steam workshop, since it will be a mod they couldn’t patch it if they try it.