Can someone help me please?

I need help with the antivirus wall think. I can’t play games with mods anymore which suck please help ASAP!!!

What exactly is the issue? The more info we can get, the more of an idea we have about your issue and how to assist.

If you can, include screenshots of the issue you’re having as well.

Depends on the game. Devs are starting to block wemod.

First of all we didn’t even need a bypass link before so why do we need one know and it says that is virus is contained in the file so why would I even download it? Even when I tried my auto time protection blocked it and for some reason it is locked to on.

Bypasses are for specific games that use anti-cheats that block WeMod and other cheating applications.

These may be needed at any time the game’s developers add anti-cheat. In the case of Phasmophobia, as an example, they added an anti-cheat that crashes the game when WeMod is detected in the background, which was not present for a while.

The bypass file does not contain any viruses. Anti-viruses don’t like it because there’s code within the bypass that changes other code in another application to allow a certain application (aka WeMod) through, so they consider it a trojan.

Hope this helps explain why bypasses may be needed for games, and why it is falsely flagged as a trojan. To fix it, you need to temporarily disable the anti-virus, download the bypass, add it as an exception to your anti-virus, then re-enable your anti-virus.

I downloaded all the stuff (WeMod and the bypass), but the game still crash, can anyone help me to play Phasmo with mods??

Try this
Run the bypass, launch the game through Steam, then once you load into the main menu, click Play in WeMod


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First of all, please disable your caps-lock. All-caps posts are considered spam in pretty much every forum community.

Second of all - assuming you are talking about Phasmophobia since you didn’t specify a game - the link is right at the top of the trainer, in the message that you are forced to read before you can press the Play button for the first time.

Pressing that link takes you to this post with a download file attached to it: Phasmophobia Cheats and Trainer for Steam - #828 by MrAntiFun.

If your post was not about Phasmophobia, read the message at the top of the trainer for whatever game it is you were referring to, or open your own thread in the Support section of the forum, minus caps and specifying which game you are referring to.