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[Community Research] Xbox One & Modding


No and there probably wont be anything important for a long time.


I discovered this the other day with PES2015… not sure if this could be of any use on any other games out there.

It enables sharing game kits from one profile to another


I’m researching the subject, and if XVD is the new XContent, then what are XVC files? I’m not sure if you know the answer though.


News all released this week

I’ve downloaded the Xbox One SDK which is a Mcrosoft Xbox One XVD Driver Installer

The file is 500mb but makes you downloaded 1.5gbfrom Microsoft servers…

I hope this willl allow us to look inside the .XVD files.



Has anyone looked into the SDK? (Please excuse my ignorance) but if these XVD files are modified versions of VHD’s can we not try to mount them or run them in some sort of VM or Hyper V setup?


The XVD mounts them fine, but you need the encryption keys for encrypted ones. Nobody has the keys.

The SDK is not going to help find an exploit unfortunately.



Thanks for clearing that up lol. Thought I would chime in with some thoughts. Had some hope when this SDK was leaked. Thought they may have had something that might hint toward keys in it. Oh well :confused: Thanks for that fast response, If I can be of assistance to anyone please feel free to let me know. My knowledge in this modding scene is next to none but id be happy to learn and help!


A software exploit would be very difficult because nobody can edit a single thing. The hardware hackers have to figure something out. Otherwise, the only way to get the keys is to take a scanning electron microscope image of each layer of the CPU die to read the bits off of the bootloader ROM (and the fuse sets).


As if my thread is still going strong, brings a tear to my eye.


Could you access the devkit mode, then find your console on Xbox Manager?


Man I do hope someone will crack this soon, looking forward to modding game saves for my XB1.


No, typically any xbox one is capable of accessing dev mode, downloading the develop OS, etc, but your console has to have server side authorisation to access dev mode and download the dev OS.

the SDK has been leaked/made public for a while now, its a small step but in the right direction at least.


Well with backwards compatibly and cloud save sharing from 360, is there any promises with that?


Modding: I don’t think so.

Using your Modded saves (with increased money and inventory): I think, yes.


just a quick thought.

i’m not certain about this idea, but windows 10 will have a stream from xbox one to windows 10 pc option and IF it streams the game data not just video it could be possible to send information to the xbox one via the same link and add items and mod the games via that.

could anyone tell me if it is actually possible to use that as a work around.


As if this thread is still around.


it’s kinda pinned so it aint going anywhere


A long way up the thread someone posted about being able to emulate the xbox one. Well it already exists.


I highly doubt it.


Why is that?