Cyberpunk 2077 Cheats and Trainer for GOG

I got the same message but I did ignore it and clicked yes but now when I use the cheats my character starts to walk at a snails pace and nothing I do to fix it works. The only thing that works is turning off the cheats. Anyone else having this issue?

Check what bindings you have set… are you inadvertantly hitting control+w?
I know I have seen sometimes where mywemod bugs out and presumes I am hitting control when I am not. maybe hit control a few times before any other key, same with alt… egm open wemod, open the game, start your game, start the cheats, then hit control a few times and alt a few times then see if its messing with your movement speed. (Default for changing movement speed is control+w and alt+w)

We now have an official Patch 1.52 just released. I’m about to load up the game and we’ll see if the cheats are working or not. Will report back with an edit.

The cheats I had a chance to test:
Unlimited Health, Stamina, RAM all activate.
Unlimited Double Jump Activates
No Reload, Super Accuracy, No Recoil activate.
Damage Multiplier Activates.

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Glad to hear you’re working on it. I just picked up the game and when I tried the cheats, it was a no go.

I’m just a user, not the dev. All the cheats I have used work for me.

It may help them (or us) help you if you describe how it didn’t work for you?

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I must have been doing something wrong. I cleared all the key bindings (since I use the app on my phone) and when I tried the cheats this time, they worked. I did load the game separate and then switched to WeMod and hit “Play Game”.

Everything is good now!

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When i enale my cheats for cyberpunk 2077 they turn off right after and make a weird noise,can someone tell me how to fix this?