Dark Souls 2 Xbox 360 modded saves

Basically I need a modded save or save editor, I have ran dry for those. Not to mention I need some sort of tutorial on how to use Horizon and insert the modded save, and extract to my falshdrive to have a little modded fun. Thank you.

Here’s a save editor: http://www.360haven.com/forums/threads/35609-PS3-XB360-Dark-Souls-II-Save-Editor-V2-0-0-5

Here’s a modded save: Dark Souls II - Ultimate Starter Saves

You need to change the Profile ID on the modded save to your Profile ID. So put one of your own saves onto your flash drive and open it up along side the modded save in Horizon and copy and paste your ID over to the modded save. Then use “Save, Rehash & Resign” on the modded save, and then use the “Save to Device” option in the upper right hand corner of the modded save. Now it’s on your flash drive and ready to be played or moved back to your 360’s hard drive.


Thank you, short sweet and to the point, best of luck friend.

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Bear with me as I am a noob with modding… Do I need both the save editor and the pre modded character? If not I did the steps you’ve said above using on the modded character along with my own, did all of that and saved, loaded it up on my 360 and the only character their is my original, sorry for pestering you.

did you put the profile ID of your profile you want to play on, on the modded save?

No, you don’t need the save editor to use the modded save. I just linked you to both since you asked about both.

Did you move the modded save back to your 360’s hard drive or leave it on your flash drive? If it’s on your flash drive when you start the game you will need to select your flash drive as your storage device. Maybe double check in Horizon to make sure the Profile ID change stuck after Save, Rehash & Resigning the modded save. I’m not sure how saves work on Dark Souls 2 with save slots etc… but if the modded save has the same save slot it might be getting ignored by the game so make sure you only have 1 Dark Douls 2 save on whichever storage device you starting the game with.

I had two characters which I removed one that maybe the problem, also do I delete the original character afterwards or will it not affect the new modded character. Thanks again, I plan on modding characters for friends and you’ve been a great help.

Yup copied and pasted it to the modded and saved and rehashed and all that.

Check on the storage device that the modded save is on and see if it says your profile name on it, and to make sure it doesn’t say it’s corrupted.

It could also be a title update issue. That modded save is from 3 years ago and a title update may have rendered it not working anymore. It could also be an issue with DLC that you do or don’t have. Like I said I’ve never played any of the Dark Souls games so I don’t know much about them or how the save system works.

If you haven’t already you should read through the thread i linked you to with the modded save. Or you could try using the save editor to modify your own save(s).

I’ll try the editor, it maybe because of a title update or maybe it corrupted

Alright I got it to work, but unfortunately I can’t use the characters cuz they got doc weapons and In don’t have dlcs… Will I still need docs with the save editor?

Do you mean DLCs? It shouldn’t make a difference with the save editor if you’re editing your own saves, but there is a chance the save editor is outdated.

Im gonna try the save editor, it says characters couldn’t be used because they didn’t have the required downloaded contents then they were corrupted, if I can’t use docs I won’t bother with them until I find out a way to purchase them

Are you trying to get dlc weapons without owning the dlc?


That isn’t possible. The save doesn’t store assets and such required for dlc items to work.

Are you saying that I don’t need the dlcs? I noticed when I reloaded the game the characters were instantly corrupted but before it said I was missing content from the game to use these characters and the items would be removed until then or something like that and I reloaded and they were corrupted, did I just end up accidentally corrupting them?

I am saying that you need the dlc if you want to use dlc items. A save doesn’t contain much. Compare the size of a savegame to the size of the game + dlc. It is a 1000\1 difference.

So it doesn’t matter it just takes the dlc items, but if so how come it refused to allow me to continue?

You should start a new character and invest in intelligence early-on. Due to your current character’s low intelligence you will not be able to fullfill the requirements necessary to progress to the next level.