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Disabling EAC on Warhammer Vermintide 2

To use the Vermintide 2 cheats, you first need to disable EAC (EasyAntiCheat).

The procedure is simple.

  1. Open the folder C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2
  2. Open the file named “launcher.config” in notepad or other text editor.
  3. Change DisableAntiCheat = false to DisableAntiCheat = true and save the file
  4. Enjoy the mods! :smiley:

You can enable EAC again using the same method. Just set DisableAntiCheat = false.


See, this is why I like infinity.

Did everything in the instructions. It dont work. I just get FAILED TO START GAME in infinity


i have it on steam can you show me how to disable EAC on steam


I did everything.
Still saying failed to load cheat


PS DX11 must be choosen !

How do you do it on the steam version?

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"IF any trouble finding the file try this Type this in your Windows Run Command, or a file explorer address bar (without the quotes): “%appdata%\Fatshark\Vermintide 2”

it says cant staart because REVOLT.nfo was deleted

when i do everything it says infinity pops up and says failed to load cheats, any advice? thanks


You need to play the prolog, after that u can go to appdata and change it :slight_smile:

instant ult works but activating infinite health crashes the game every time with out fail

Hi! Thx for trainer, its works, but when i win the game i got a massege something like “game is closed cause u startet it from back-app” and close the game, after this, i login to the game and see no loot, but i got exp.


I managed to play a match on private with unlimited health but when I finished it said “response to challenge failed” or something. So the fact that I had the trainer on in the end might have fcked it up idk. Gonna try more

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Would you guys read the notes, it state about choosing DX11 from the launcher settings, and cause it uses EAC and at the end it checks with online server which cause the pop up at the end.


HEllo, you can not put a picture of how it’s changing because I’m all doing that and ask and it does not work with a picture it will be better for everyone I think

yes I realize that thanks and sorry. I am happy it works despite the pop up at the end without loot. Can you get banned from not turning off anti-ban tho? When playing alone. I guess that’s a stupid question. Anyways thanks for the work and we look forward to more if possible. Peace

Played a few levels in a private game. My dwarf went from level 26 to 27 so EXP must save at least some of the time. No loot however.

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Same here, I can get in and enable mods but game crashes as soon as you got loot boxes. EXP does go through though.

Does not work, will not load.