Dovahgolt: Custom Honeyside Manor [Major Mod] [Xbox 360] [DOWNLOAD]

Download now includes 3 Versions.
Dovahkiin, Tenth Divine, & Clean Favorites Menu.

Click HERE for more information! [/size]

[details=About Dovahgolt] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Skyrim Modded Save for Xbox 360

Version Final - 3/2/13


-About Dovahgolt

Dovahgolt is a custom house inside the basement of
Honeyside in Riften. This is a HUGE mod with a major design
overhaul of the house. There’s also plenty of weapon, armor,
and gameplay mods that makes this save playable for every type
of character build. Keep reading to find out more details about
whats inside!

-Who’s the character?

Save 1 - Dovahkiin
Save 2 - Tenth Divine

FIRST OFF! Upon entering Dragonsreach for the first
time, you will be prompted with the character creation screen.
When you load the save, all you have to do is enter the door
straight directly ahead of you and you can customize your

Level: 1
Skills: Default
Perk Points: 250
Carry Weight: 300
Gold: 0 - 10,000,000 is Inside
Lockpicks: 0 - 1,000,000 Inside
Dragon Souls: 99 (Resets after Dragon Rising)

There is only 5 locations discovered and 1 quest completed.

-What’s inside the manor?

Throne Room
Beautiful Throne
Dragon Displays
Display Hall
Displays for all main quest lines
Quest specfific outfits with enchantments
The Cellar
All items chests
All forge equipment
9,999 of all Ingots and Ores
9,999 of all Crafting Materials (Including HF)
Mage’s Hall
Enchanter, Potion Crafter, & Staff Enchanter
10,000 All Ingredients
Cooking Equipment
Bed and other misc objects
Mannequins & Weapon Plaques
Daedric Hall
Display for all Daedric Artifacts
Divine Hall
All Standing Stones and Dragonborn Stones
All Divine Shrines
Dawnguard Room
Vampire Cattle
Bloodstone Chalice
Dragonborn Room
Miraak Statue

Other Noteable Items
1,000,000 - Potion of Blood
100 Potion of Blood Thirst - Turn into Vampire
Summon Gargoyle Ring
Summon Karstag Ring (Unlimited Summons)
Multiple FX Clothing
999,999 of all arrows
Dragon Aspect Armor
Much, much more!


*Denotes an unobtainable spell

Conjure Ancients* (DB)
Dragon Storm* (DB)
Conjure Ash Guardian* (DB)
Conjure Dragon Priest*
Conjure High Seeker* (DB)
Conjure Spectral Draon* (DB)
Spectral Arrow*
Dragon Storm Call*
Fire Ball (Dragon)*
Fire Breath (Dragon)*
Frost Breath (Dragon)*
Ice Storm (Dragon)*
Soul Cairn Summon* (DB)
Vile Vapor*
Beast Form
Detect All Creatures*
Vampire Lord

-Items: Weapons and Apparel

Favorites Menu

All items are unobtainable and must be in the Favorites Menu

.God Mode.
Fortify Carry Weight 1,000,000+
Fortify Health/Magicka/Stamina
No Falling Damage (DB)
Resist Damage/Disease/Poison 100%
Resist Magic/Fire/Frost/Shock 100%
.Max Stats.
Fortify All 12 Skills 1,000,000
Arm Bandages
Black Mage Hood
Executioner’s Boots
Executioner’s Gloves
Executioner’s Hood
Executioner’s Robes
Gaaf Hahkun
Bound Axe +125% Two Handed
Gaaf Zahkrii
Bound Sword +125% One Handed
Gaaf Zun
Bound Bow +125% Marksman
General Caruis’ Armor (DB)
Giant Club
Greybeard’s Boots
Greybeard’s Hood
Greybeard’s Robes
Head Bandages
Heartstone Necklace (DB)
Moth Priest Blindfold
Ulfric’s Gag

Power Equipment

Pendant of the Traveler (DB)
+150 Speed
Yol Iiz Qo - “Fire, Ice, Lightning”
20 Fire Damage
20 Forst Damage
20 Shock Damage
Soul Trap
Daedric Bow
+100 Unrelenting Force
+100 Disarm
Daedric Sword
Ice Form (Instakill)
Glass Sword
+1000000 Elemental Fury
Hunting Bow
+1000000 Elemental Fury
Ilas-Tei’s Ring
Take the form of a wolf
Silver Amethyst Ring
Vivid Ring: Boethiah’s Embrace
Silver Ring
Ethereal Invisibility

Tenth Divine

This is the god mode version of the save for all those
who have already completed multiple playthroughs.

5,000,000 Health/Magicka/Stamina
Level: 100
Dragon Souls: 100 (Not Really Necessary)
Carry Weight: 9,999,999
0 Shout Recovery Time
Increased Weapon Speed (1.5)
Increased Attack Damage 250%
Reflect Damage 100%
Unarmed Damage 100
All Magic Power Mods/Mods 1,000,000
All Skills 100
All Map Markers Toggled - “tmm 0 0 0” to undo this
All Vanilla, Dawnguard, & Dragonborn Shouts
All Vanilla, Dawnguard, & Dragonborn Spells
All Vanilla, Dawnguard, & Dragonborn Abilities/Powers
All Perks Including Werewolf & Vampire Lord
Had to remove Mystic Binding? conjuration perk the conflicted with the bound weapons in the favorites



Disclaimer & FAQ’s

I take no responsibility for any problems caused by this save. As with all savegame modding there is a risk. Please enjoy at your own risk!

The display cases and bookshelves do not work.
Unfortunately, with creating mods for Xbox it is not possible to get the bookshelves and display cases working correctly. This is due to the fact that these objects must be linked to additional objects which cannot be done with the console.

Will buying Riften and upgrading it damage the house?
No, even with the Hearthfire addition.

Are the containers safe to store items in?
Yup. All the chests are checked no under the respawn category in the creation kit.

Works great except when you try to level up your perk points disappear.
Actually it rolls from 255 back to 0 when you level up.
Option 1: Distribute a few perk points before leveling up. You never want to hit 256.
Option 2: Download the latest version to start with 250 perk points.

Download (Final) - 3/2/2013
Be patient when you first start the save. There’s a lot it needs to load!

wow this is absolutely amazing fantastic job

Deff a lot of work went into it, is it Pre CC?

Unfortunately no. I had difficulty getting that to work. Still trying to find a method to try to convert it to be pre-cc.

Looks good. (: Keep it up!

Already posted.

Good call!
The video is posted on game-tuts youtube acc.

This topic was created by the guy that made the save.

This save is… AMAZING

That is not the most recent version of the save and it’s far from having all of the information.
Thanks to Deathero for spreading it but I’ll be keeping this updated with any new additions I add.

I have no problems.


Can you just add this whole thing to your previous character? I really like my Dual-Wielding Orc…

Just posted Version 5.0. The save is now “Pre-CC”! Just enter Dragonsreach to customize your character.
Also, to continue the Main Quest, just speak directly with Irileth. She will no longer approach you when you walk in.

  • I also reset the shout reduce time to 1 and added shout reduction to .God Mode.
  • .God Mode. and .Max Skills. no longer take the places of necklace and ring.
  • The cell “Honeyside” is now called “Dovahgolt”
  • Linwe’s Armor renamed to Thieves Guild Armor and placed in the strongbox.
  • Imperial and Stormcloak outfits placed in the respective lockboxes.
  • Added 999,999 of every arrow into a chest in the Armory.
  • Created a new necklace “Nocturnal’s Eye” which makes the player invisible.

wow… just wow… i can’t even imagine the work that went into making this, as for me i’ll pass on this one simply because there is a such thing as “too much” and this masterpiece is clearly wayyyyyy over that limit… mad props on the creation though mate, you should get a gold award for this, i’ve never seen anything like it, i am speechless…

Any help would be appreciated.

So do you have to make a new character in order to use this? Or can you add this to your current save game?

How does the leveling work in this version? I had one where it started Pre-CC with all perks maxed ect. and you still leveled from 1-81, and still advanced the individual skills, that were already maxed. (Smithing made legendary items, yet when smithing it’d level your smithing up to 100)

It was like a stealth mod, cool stuff. What kind of health, magicka, and fatigue/carry capacity does this save start you with?

By the way, EPIC work.

i cant load v5 it stops on loading screen im waiting 15 min now end nothing… v2 from other topic loads fine

can someone pls save in some other house or shop and post the link for me?

I’m sorry and I know you put lots of time into this but it’s really pointless.

A house that big will never be used by anyone and most of the stuff you put in is to try and make it look cooler than it is. Like the stones, putting them in the house ruins the point of having them in game since you don’t need to find them in the wilderness. You literally crammed everything in game into one house and I don’t see a point in doing that. The best player homes are the small but unique ones. Not these massive mansions that the person is going to run around, say “this is cool” and never use it fully again.

Plus, adding 999 ingots and ores, plus all these potions and stuff at ridiculous numbers is also stupid. Why would I go out and find the ores properly when I have a huge supply just sitting there? Again, it defeats the purpose of the game as there is no goal anymore. I can see this being used as a ‘fun’ save but then again, why bother? You still won’t use it fully.

Apologies for the rant but I have to be honest with these sorts of things. Didn’t meant to thank that guy up there either.

Sorry, but this house is just too much for a game like Skyrim.

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