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Dovahgolt: Custom Honeyside Manor [Major Mod] [Xbox 360] [DOWNLOAD]


#Preach :cry:


Rooster once again this is an amazing save and i especially loved the conjure the ancients spell simply amazing because of the fact i was able to summon up to 5 of them. Which made me remember a save i had once tried out, in it you were able to conjure up to 5 things (as well having the option to doing the same with the dead thralls). Other than that modder your the only one i know who can possibly come up with a way to do that as well. Is there a possibility you can do that in your next save, if you need a reference to the save im speaking of, here it is as well just click the spoiler below

Open Me

Save 167 - nick Breezehome 159.08.1.exs


Updated to Version 6.1. Here’s what’s new:

  • Gold Sapphire Ring now has full body Dragon Aspect FX
  • Favorites Menu Overhaul
  • -----Organized all non-playable items at the bottom
  • -----Black Mages Hood has reduce spell cost 100% for all magic types
  • -----Added new Bound Bow “Gaaf Zun” to the favorites menu
  • ----------Chance to paralyze for 100 seconds
  • ----------Soul trap
  • Added the Library with ALL the books displayed
  • -----Spell Tomes
  • -----Skill Books
  • -----Quest Books
  • -----Other Books
  • -----Dawnguard Books
  • -----All Scrolls
  • -----All notes are in the strongboxes
  • Moved the Character Creation trigger to inside Dovahgolt
  • Moved all the mannequins/weapon racks into the Armory
  • Added 9999x of all ingredients, crafting materials, and scrolls. Including Dragonborn spiders.
  • Added all recipes to the Mage’s Hall
  • Added 10,000,000 Gold to the safe in the armory
  • Added Bloodstone Chalice to the Dawnguard room
  • Removed the rows of display cases from the throne room. (Annoying filler)
  • Added some of the missing items to the all-items chests
  • Fixed the Dark Brootherhood paralyze dagger
  • Added fully enchanted Psijic Armor to the College of Winterhold strongbox
  • Emptied the players inventory and placed the items around the manor


Awesome cant wait to try this one i hope you have the chance to check out my previous post as well… let me know if you come up with anything id love to hear if its possible or not


Rooster, yet again great work! Hopefully this is the last iteration so i can actually play through a character on it lol! But honestly, keep up the great work man it is obviously VERY appreciated.


First off loved the library absolutely loved it, it felt like the real thing went in and immediately started searching for volumes on the wolf queen ha, and my favorite elf’s book "Mannimarco the King of Worms " and the Dragon born ring makes me feel like a total boss

Btw anyone looking for the 9999x spiders they’re

Open Me

Under the Arcane Enchanter, in the cupboard

1.Once you equip Gaaf Zun then unequip it disapears from fav menu

2.Dont know is this is a real issue, but just like always the soul cairn summon shout limits you to one skeleton instead of three like Durnehviir


Also every time i go into dragons reach i trigger the CC lol



Damn good job! Thanks for sharing your work with the community. :thumbsup:


Posted a new version…

Did the following:

  • Netch leather, Chaurus Chitin, Heart Stones, Arrows, and Spears.
  • New ring: Ring of Magnus +100% all Magic Types
  • Added the missing spell tome Ash Spawn
  • Changed Gaff Zun. Connected with bound arrows. Had to remove the paralyze effect.
  • Fixed .God Mode.
  • Fixed the Unrelenting Force Bow - Fus Bo Dah
  • Added the Test Korpral Sword to “All Dawnguard Armors and Weapons”


thanks rooster we love you bro no homo


I tried this save the i love the house but couldn’t go through the story mode


Maybe elaborate on the problem?

Example: I can not go through the story mode because so and so wont give me the main story quest, or i can not go through the story mode because every time i leave the house 60 flaming dragons fly out of the sky and Fus Ro Dah me into Oblivion.

More details make things easier to fix :smiley:


Version 7.0

  • Add new “Dovahkiin” Room with two new weapons: Zahkrii Do Dovahkiin & Zahkrii Do Bron
  • Update the entrance. Secret door. Been meaning to do this for a while. Finally got around to it.
  • Added new creature displays in the throne room
  • Made all the FX rings into Vampire Lord Armor. (Ghost, Fire, Frost, & Bats)

Also, I plan on removing the creature displays for the next update WHICH will not be released until both Dragonborn and an update for the Creation Kit are released. Until then, keep posting your ideas and comments. I am allllllways listening.


Nice save bro!! Only problem is everytime i go into Dragonreach the Character Creation comes up,But maybe its a good thing i can experiment with more races :stuck_out_tongue: . Overall tho the best game save for Xbox30 no doubt!!


There should be 3 CC triggers. One when you first enter Dovahgolt, one when you first enter Dragonsreach, and then one after the Dragon Rising quest I believe.


Alright cool bro ill def get those out the way so i can keep my guy looking the same :smile:


Rooster this mod just keeps getting better and better i love the new swords wonderful, and the followers omg amazing and the vampire armor omagah just great bro keep up the hardwork :cry:


yo man you work too hard this shyt is hella raw all i can say is holly s–t this rocks


Rooster i love how im able to summon things just by putting on a ring or even better the vampire armor could you make more variety summonings like

  • One that lets you conjure 5 bone/mist/wrathman
  • One that conjures 5 ancient dragon born
  • One that conjures randomly armored npcs omfgah im so excited typing up these ideas
  • one that summons multiple werewolves
  • One that summons multiple KARSTAAGS OMFG
  • One that lets you summon 1/2 Dragons, trolls, etc

:expressionless: …im sorry i got carried away but your the only one ive known to do this so im so excited to see the next update, i hope you have more like this < 3


I got to playing the latest version and was wondering if you could throw in a few new followers in some way like a Giant or somehow making it so that you can have a wolf or a bear or some other animals follow you as a pet. I mean come on how BA would it be for a war hammer wielding Nord to have a pet Snow Tiger and a Giant as a companion?