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Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam


After the 6.0 update, the trainer no longer works for me. I have been running it in GOG instead of Steam, and it has been working great, but now it launches the game, but the trainer claims to not be able to find the game it just launched. I have tried launching the game, and then the trainer, and still no dice. Reinstalling has also been tried. I’m sure the age of this game makes this a low priority, but I am very sad Grey Warden.


Does it work if you start the game yourself, then press play in WeMod when you’re at the menu?


It does not.


is this game for origin or steam?

i ask because wemod says “steam” for mass effect 2, but it ONLY works with the origin version of the game.

and i don’t want to waste money by buying the same game twice.


another question: does it HAVE to be the ultimate edition, or will these cheats work with the standard edition of the game after all dlc have been purchased?





Try it out. I think someone in the past said it didn’t work but I might be wrong since it has been ages I was last in this thread


the add 5k gold doesn’t work, it made my balance go negative.

does the stat boosting cheats and level cheats only work on the main character?

i was able to make the mabari go to level 99 but i wasn’t able to increase his stats or unlock new skills.




So if you’re using this game with origin, there’s no guarantee it’ll work at all which seems to be the case as you stated above :slightly_smiling_face:


i’m not too worried about the gold mod, i downloaded a mod from nexus that gives me a goose that shits out golden eggs that sell for 100 gold an egg

and after closing the game, playing something else for a few hours and turning the game back on, i was able to mod my mabari’s stats and get it all working right. but the dog’s talent tree (not the one with abilities, the one with stupid things like tactic slots and trap-making) is gone though. not sure if that’s cause of wemod or a nexus mod.