Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I tried using this for the Origin version of the game but nothing happens. I know that this is designed for Steam. I am hearing sounds but then I check my inventory and XP for instance and nothing is happening as I said. Is there any chance that an Origin version can be created? Thanks everyone!

Hello, I need some help trying to get wemod to launch with the game. Once i get through the main menu, the game just crashes and goes to my windows screen. It was working till i progressed more in the game. The game works fine without wemod. I have validated the games a few times. Updated wemod re-installed twice. But still no luck, even went back to old saves and the ones that was working are no longer working. Any advice/tips would be really helpful. Thanks!

If I had to guess the problem is the fact that the game can’t handle too many threads. I think I read it somewhere on Steam, but not sure who to give credit to. Anyways, once the game has been started (I usually wait until the Main Menu screen) you will want to hit ctrl-alt-delete and select Task Manager. Once that window is open you will want to click on the Details tab. Once on this you will want to find Dragon Age origins… daorigins.exe (the list should be alphabetized so it shouldn’t be too hard). Once you find it you will want to right click on it and there will be two options on the popup menu you will want to focus on… “Set Priority” and “Set Affinity”. Set Affinity being the most important. Select “Set Affinity” and you will see a list of all of your CPU processors/cores. You will want to “UN” select all but processor 0 and 1. While not 100% necessary, but still helpful you will want to go back and then select “Set Priority”. Once in there you will want to select “High” as it will by default have “Normal” selected. Once this is done you can go back to Dragon Age Origins and click on Resume/Start/Load and things should work fine. I have also had problems with things blowing up if I select “Force Stereo Sound” so I would recommend making sure that is unchecked as well in the Audio Tab. Finally, I have also had issues with certain save states as the game progresses becoming an issue when trying to load from the main menu. So my recommendation is that you first of all save often as the game is just waiting to blowup. Second, find a save state at the very beginning of the game and make sure to keep it. If you run into problems trying to load a save state further on in the game from the main menu then I would try to load that early save state and once it is loaded up then pull up the menu from within the game and try loading the newer save state from there and it should work fine. I don’t know who to credit for figuring this out, but it has worked perfect for me. In fact I always load up an early save state first, and then afterwards load into the newer one and find that the game seems more stable and less likely to error out while playing.

Good luck!

can the windows version be supported on here. it is supported for both DA2 and DA Inquisition.

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The inventory needs to be unlimited because I am stuck with items that are like 99/99 and then when i sell them it goes away one at a time with the original launcher where the cheats are off, - it doesn’t go away at all! It takes up all of my space in inventory. Ruins my fashion. It still seems buggy. Please resolve and help asap!

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Is it possible to get the EA origin version supported? same with dragon age 2?

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Unlimited Party health dont work.

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the game crashes when “unlimited health” and “unlimited health party” are activated a together and you start a fight.

This isn’t because of the cheats. The game has memory leak issues and this can happen even when not using cheats. Look around for posts on how to patch the exe to remove the 2gb to fix the memory leaks. Once I did this it fixed my crashing issues and I am able to use both unlimited health and unlimited party health without any crashing. I too was getting crashing when starting a fight before doing this.

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I hate to say, but I’m pretty new to PC gaming in general. Everything else has worked fine, and even this was playing with no issues and cheats were working fine. But at some point it crashed, and when I try to load it back up, it tells me “the cheats were made for the 32-bit version of the game and you’re running the 64-bit version” and refuses to even open it.

I’m not sure why it has a problem now but it didn’t earlier, or even what that 32/64-bit stuff means. Anybody here smarter than me that knows what i did differently this time from the first?

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Yes I been trying to get this to work with my pc for for the xbox and i see it for steam and gog is there a way i can get it to work with the live on my pc?

i can’t get unlimited party health to work the other cheats work though

My game crashes when I go through the loading screen with Unlimited Health and Unlimited Party Health enabled

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Mod works great! Is there any way y’all could add a specialization point option too please?

Just out of curiosity, I see someone has already asked if the EA version will become supported, but there wasnt a response that I can see. So I’m just wondering if it will. Keep up the good work otherwise.

The level up mod crashes my game when I activate it. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I’m using the 64 bit version? Either way its an odd mod. Also when my mods are active, I don’t see xp gain. I pretty much only use the unlimited health and adding of skill points.

I’m hoping for cheats that can support the Origin platform.

it dose. All you have to do is add exe manualy, it should be in: x:/EA games/dragon age/bin_ship/daorigins.exe
mind one thing if you using vortex or dao:modmanager wemod for DAO wont work, at leat the way I described…

All you have to do is add exe manualy, it should be in: x:/EA games/dragon age/bin_ship/daorigins.exe
mind one thing if you using vortex or dao:modmanager wemod for DAO wont work, at leat the way I described…

if you using vortex or DAO:modmanager wemod will crash your game, happen to me, so what I do is run game directly from EA APP use wemod: add money, skill point, exp etc. save, close game, and then run game through DAO:modmanager.