Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Pretty sure I know the problem. While it does not take items from your inventory and does kick them up 99, you are required to have at least one of the required materials.

Really love the cheats absolutely enjoy them while playing modded.
Can we get Free Crafting or Weapon and Armor modding? It’d be nice.

some cheats dont work, infinite caps and infinite resources do not work for me

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The cheats were working fine for a while, but it crashed twice and I mean a hard reboot on my PC. Anyone else have this issue.

Is there a way to get this to run the f4se modded version of fallout, instead of the vanilla game?

Free crafting:
It’s working perfectly when building settlement.
But it’s not working for the item upgrades.

No idea how to use. It teleports me upto the air. And any movement will send me back to the air.

Modder puts in fly mode in a LOT of the games but fails to tell us how to use it.

I am having trouble getting WeMod to find fallout 4. I push the play button and says loading then the game starts but the WeMod part says cant find the game.

never mind guess I have to let the game fully start the WeMod will find it.

im trying to use the unlimited caps but it will not work

does this disabled xbox achievement’s? something tells me it does, as i couldnt even get " step out into wasteland"


You have to buy something from the vendor first, then it’ll work

free crafting seems to not be working at the benches when crafting items



im having a issue with the unlimited items it seems to not work for me, unless im doing something wrong, i have no mods installed, all other cheats work perfectly fine except the unlimited items.


Also unable to use free crafting, very important and needed. Please update.


So most of the cheats work, I haven’t tried them all but I have to agree with everyone, the Free Crafting is not working.

In fact, I noticed that when you activate Free Crafting, it acts like Unlimited Ammo even though I don’t have Unlimited Ammo on.

Hope you are not too buys and hope that this gets fixed when you are able to get to it :slight_smile:

A few other people have mentioned it but I cant seem to find any answers aside from “Send In Your Save” What does Infinite Items do? I’ve reset both the program, and the game. I’ve switched it off and back on again and have picked up everything from a random can, to a gun, to the “You’re Special” Book and nothing has duplicated or anything which was what i assumed would happen.

Did more research, apparently it’s just using the SpawnDupe command? not working either way

The Unlimited Items works when you craft something the item will increase instead decrease, for example adhesive to build item A then it need 5, and if you have at least 1 then you can craft it, but the number increase tremendously from 1 to 200++

the free crafting make me CTD when play in full screen, but if im play in window mode it work fine

Yes. Click the “Down Arrow” inside the play button. Click on “Add Custom” then select “f4se_loader.exe”.

To load and play using f4se, use that same down arrow on the play button and then click the “>” beside the f4se loader shortcut.

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