Fallout 4 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

free crafting doesnt work. it will still take resources if you have them and if you dont have them you are told you dont have enough to craft


I cant disable “Unlimited Ammo” cheat, restarted game severall times, still
It wont let ammo in my mag decrease, not ammo in total

My saves don’t show up after using WeMod, I launch the game without using WeMod and the saves go through, is this an issue on my end or through WeMod?

strange…i don’t have any problem except for unilimited resources…that i use cheat engine…for the rest on wemod works perfect…try to launch game with diferent updates…you have 12 options since 3/6/17

Unlimited AP cheat doesn’t work. Just use the TGM command console when in game and you’re good.

All the cheats work on my pc with Wemod.
Only problem I have it craches 6 out of 10 times.
Is it the game or Wemod or a combination of the 2, I don’t know.
If I play without Wemod it doesn’t crach as mutch (2 out of 10)

Needs an update. Some cheats arent working. Some are working but does not want to be turned off.

Did you have an issue with the perks cheat? I think its the unlimited perks cheat. I used it from the start, then added all the perks possible. My issue now is that I can’t pick locks over novice and it says that Expert or Master locks are too advanced, yet I have all the perks available in the game. I cant craft weapon mods that need the science perk, yet the same applies. Is there a way around this?

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It’s likely that your best solution is to use console commands to reset the perks. Here’s a guide from the Steam discussions for the game: How to reset perks. :: Fallout 4 General Discussions

Using console commands in Fallout 4 does not disable achievements (as technically it’s a dev tool for fixing bugs that people just coincidentally can also use to cheat).

Any chance of Making a Mod Scrap Everything in sanctuary hills ?? Seeing all these ugly dead bushes and clumps of dead leaves looks awful. I know Nexus had one But that was a long time go. until they bought up almost everything from the creators.

I’m playing fallout 4 I turned everything off except fly mode and inf health. Fly mod is not working properly. I go straight up turn fly mod off and i fall down soon as I hit ground I’m right back up in the sky. rinse and repeat. I had to shut the game off.

Hey! did you purchase the game from Steam? If yes, Launch the game from Steam first before hitting Play on WeMod then check if issue still persists.

I truly did not expect to be on this end of the Conversation lol. But Yes. I never use Pireted Games all legit, and Yes I did try both the game and WeMod first each way I got the same result.

Unless I’m mistaken, the free crafting cheat doesn’t work for crafting in work benches. And unlimited items doesn’t really seem to be doing anything, running on a steam copy of the game.

I have a Windows 11 Home system with an i9 processor, 32 Gb RAM, and an RTX 4070 w/12Gb VRAM. Also, my anti-virus is turned off. I can play Fallout 4 from Steam just fine, BUT when I start Fallout 4 from WeMod the game gets a black screen and freezes.

Any idea what the WeMod/Fallout 4 problem is and how to fix it? Thanks!!!

Can you try loading the game first without WeMod, then alt-tab and use the trainer after the game has loaded?

i only use easy terminal hack & no recoil, but no recoil is does not working, only easy terminal hack is working.

i thought this Mod will get an update. it was on the queue for an update few days ago.
then it not there anymore and being hopeful it was updated

I don’t mind using the Mod, but I can’t seem to heal when I’m using it. used all healing item and the temporary healing bars appear then it disappears without healing anything.

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Is anyone else having a problem getting WeMod to launch at all for Fallout 4?

No problems here. I start game through steam, then alt-tab out and hit “play” on wemod once in game (main screen, not launcher screen) and it runs fine.

I only use unbreakable pins, and easy hack though, because
Unlimited Health, Unlimited AP, No Radioactivity, Unlimited Weight, Unlimited Ammo, No Reload, No Recoil, Free Crafting ALL can be activated with one console command (TGM), and Fly can be activated by TCL