Far Cry 6 Cheats and Trainer

Please provide more details:

  1. In what situation does it not work?
  2. What store did you get your game from, or is it a cracked/pirated copy?

There are certain situations where health cheats will not work in games, for example when you fall from a large height or get caught in a massive explosion. These are called scripted events, which have to happen because the game is hard-coded that way, and there’s nothing a trainer can do about those scripted events.

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when I use the trainer’s teleport option it spawns me a few meters above ground and I fall and die.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

In Far Cry 6 your character unlocks a parachute after completing the Du or Die main mission. I believe it is given to you by Juan, after the Juan of a Kind mission he gives you.

Once you’ve unlocked the parachute, you should be able to use it to slow your fall. The teleport option seems to be related to the game’s “airdrop” feature, the game’s built in fast travel mechanic that drops you from the sky from a helicopter, which you’d obviously need the parachute for. :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to turn on/off the jump and the speed cheat, It’s hard to keep increasing/decreasing from/to 0 . thank you

May share link to download Farcry 6 cheat trainer ?

You can download the WeMod app from here - WeMod - Thanks for downloading!

From there, you can look up the Far Cry 6 trainer in the app and use it :slight_smile:

Unlimited money ( yaran pesos)

Unlimited money ( yaran pesos) multiplier

unlimited depleted uranium

doesn’t seem to work at all, i get the base game amount every time. could you please fix this issue.

This is on Ubisoft

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Ubisoft is updated. Please update wemod cheat.
always thank you!

warp still glitchy come out underground

Once again, we have to wait and wait for an WeMod update when the game is “old” and updated by Ubisoft.

Hello Developer, the new update (02/19/23) lets you die when you jump from high or move too fast even with Unlimited Health is on. Basically this disables Set Player Speed, Set Jump Height and Teleport to Waypoint. Older versions still let you live when you do use those three mods if Unlimited Health was on. Now without the speed and teleport, the game is not the same. Could you please fix this? Thank you. UBI Soft, by Fling

hi i have the unlimit health on and its not working please fix

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Need a sanity check - i’m aware a moneda thing won’t happen because it’s a server-side currency.
But you get moneda through Special Operations - is it safe to use these cheats in the special operations (in the singleplayer option - not coop)? Or does the game still count that as ‘online’ and run anti-cheat?

I haven’t had any issues when I did it myself, but I haven’t played for quite awhile as well because I tired of the game.

small steam/farcry 6 update today (18/05), seems to have broken it again. farcry had a small update today, unlimited health no longer works again, if you jump too high, fall or crash using the wing suit you die.

I was just about to ask if I was doing something wrong since I’m dying now when I teleport to waypoint.

Also, if the little smiley faces don’t pop up when you close the game, how are you supposed to let the creator know that an update is needed?

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It seems to be wemod that is the issue. I was running 8.7 and it worked fine. it said there was an update available 8.9 and now the unlimited health option isnt working anymore.

Unlimited health won’t work when you fall from a great height or get crushed by a tank. Never has.

can this be updated for Unlimited Moneda