Far Cry 6 Cheats and Trainer

Unlimited Health seems to no longer work when falling from heights.

I saw a comment earlier that it never has but it actually was. The Teleport-to-Marker cheat often puts me at a huge height and forces me to drop down. It used to do so quite safely. I also was using jumps down as a shortcut for over a week and now those same drops kill me. I have no idea what changed but something changed.

The fall damage ain’t gettin’ fixed anytime soon, is it? Sigh.

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It’s a game code thing. They decided to add scripted fall damage, the trainer can’t do anything about that.

Death by falling from a height is a scripted game event. As in the game is hard-coded to make sure you die if you fall further than a set height.

There is nothing trainers can do about hard-coded scripted events. Trainers cannot modify game files. Trainers only inject code into memory addresses in your own PC’s RAM - they don’t touch the game itself.

Something is giving me unlimited pesos on a new game. I used “Unlimited Money” on an old game. So maybe that’s the problem??? Since it’s just an “apply” option (rather than an on/off switch), is it permanent on all future games and saves?? Is there a way to get rid of that?

Edit: Turning off “Save mods” and then restarting the game and the WeMod app seems to have fixed it.

Mod worked great, put many hours into the game. Now when you load the Mod and pause the game or go into the map, the game locks up and you need to end task. Is anyone else having that issue? Updated video drivers to make sure that wasn’t the issue. Using mod on Steam.

For some reason when using this trainer it makes my character unable to jump at all, they just do the worst hop ever, and I can’t jump at all?

Did you change the jump settings in the trainer? Try putting the slider above 1.0 and see if that changes your jump.
1.0 would be like 100%/vanilla. So try 1.1 or higher.

Is there any way to unlock bundles? I mean could you get that massive cat champagne

Is there any cheat that unlocks bundles for free?
Could someone help me get Gamesave installed in Ubisoft if that’s possible?

No, WeMod will not help you to break the law by stealing paid DLC items.

Champagne is part of the Vice Pack DLC, for example. You’ll either need to buy the packs individually, or buy a version of the game that has DLCs included.

Falling and jumping too high will kill you, and will also die if Invincibility is turned on,There is no way to remove drop damage

Falling from a large height hasn’t killed me yet with invincibility on

What I do have a problem with is that some guns like the Mosin Nagant or the MGL-6 seem to still use reserve ammo when “Unlimited Ammo” is turned on, but only sometimes???
It also seems that all reserve ammo is shared no matter the ammo type which is pretty strange

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I did more testing, it seems to happen with most weapons that load bullet-by-bullet such as most shotguns, Mosin Nagant, MGL-6, SKS etc.


could we get a xbox game pass


Yeah, could we get a gamepass version please?

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Gamepass just makes you download it from Ubisoft.

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This is still case. Using the wingsuit and hitting the ground immediately kills as well with Unlimited Health on.

will there be a cheat for Unlimited Moneda? that would be great

The answer remains… These are ‘scripted’ deaths. Its part of the game engine. Can’t be worked around.

Haven’t played FarCry6 for a while. Now I want to continue playing, but I can’t find the game anymore. Why? In February I paid for WeMod again.