Forza Horizon 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Are you able to use the trainer regardless of the compatibility message? There should be an option to continue on using the trainer.

And you bought the game from Steam, yeah? It’s not the Xbox version or anything.

I can start the game regardless of compatability, yes. But WeMod stops itself once the game is up… And nope, bought through Xbox. Considering your question, I take it there is no compatability.

I have another question , so after i get the credits if i go online i cant go to the auction house ? Or resets the the money for the value i have now?

We have an Xbox trainer for the game, it’s just you’re posting in the Steam trainer’s forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

The incompatibility message will always be there, just due to the nature of the Xbox app and their recent changes.

If WeMod turns off, try running in windowed mode (had a user who said this worked for them). Also, I know you’ve said that you’ve allowed WeMod as admin, but make sure the game is running in admin mode as well. The game and WeMod need to either both be running as admin, or not at all.

For your question, we don’t recommend using the Auction house with cheated credits.


Hey everyone! So as we all know, the credit cheat is a bit inconsistent(not the makers fault, structurally, it’s hard)
So as someone who has been using it for the past few months, I found a way that has been working for me.
-Go to the “do you want to buy this car” screen
-pull up wemod
-press play forza
-activate money cheat and set the credits you want


After your game has successfully not crashed, check and see if it worked. If it did, drive for a second, restart the game, and boom. You are good

I’ve found out that actually waiting for the full save to end will make your game crash like 90% of the time. I know they say to wait but this is literally the only way I could get it to work 100%
I’ve done this method 3 times today to accumulate a lot of money just to make sure it worked. So far it’s been flawless. Not a single crash and the money is still saved once I boot the game up after restarting.


Im running the Beta. great mod no problems at all. As extras would love to see “timer freeze” and extra drift points options.

keep up the great work.

After using the credit cheat offline, can i play online?

can’t work. crash.

can’t work now.As long as I open the game, the trainer will quit unexpectedly.

If the trainer is quitting, then the game may be running in admin mode. Try running WeMod in admin mode as well, and vice versa.

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Still doesn’t work as it crashes every time you open it, can someone fix it?

Is is possible to add mission timer freeze?) Thank you in advance!

that would be awesome
would love it especially on the missions where you need a certain score and also reach a destination

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Credit cheat still not working. My old report got deleted even though it doesn’t work. Thanks.

yeah, I have the same issue. Probably it got patched to good :frowning:

credits cheat is working fine

just a little bit trial and error

first thought doesnt work then tried once more

set credits to 48somewhat million

went in game to the car market, already tabbed in, looked out for a car

tabbed out to wemod, f1 to activate and f2 to change the amount of credits once more, tabbed in the game, bought the car, dadadam, 48 million credits

deactivated the cheat and drive on

tried once more, 100 000 000 cr, maxed out

just be sure to be on the desired car in shop

hit f1, toggle cr with f2, buy, profit

After game update,the cheats are not working :cry: :cry: :cry:

please update cheats and trainer thank you

I love wemod and I really like what they do, that’s why I always pay every month but I’ve been waiting for the update for 24 hours or more, I hope they update it quickly ,It’s been at number 5 for a long time, I don’t want to think what would happen if it’s at number 20 it would be a month without being able to play since I use the mod a lot