GOG.com Compatible Games

Does anyone know which games on GOG are compatible with WeMod?

i havent checked them (cause i dont have them in GOG) but Users have claimed this games work in GOG:

The Witcher 3

Kingdom New Lands

No Man’s Sky

Shadow Warrior 2

not all cheats may work thou, more than in the DRM, the most important aspect of compatibility is the game version.


Add in Metro Exodus as well as even the search pointed to the GOG directory “C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Metro Exodus\MetroExodus.exe” does not work at all. Oh well another wasted download and install.

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Hey and welcome!

Which games are added to WeMod depends on their popularity. You can use the “Notify” button to show your interest in the game. Take a look at this: Game Queue.

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