HELLDIVERS Cheats and Trainer for Steam

@MrAntiFun - Excuse me kind sir, would it be possible for this trainer to be updated? Thank you very much in advance.


I 2nd this!

@MrAntiFun Hello sir, can you update this trainer pls? thank you very much in advance

hey ^^, i re-instal the game, but is bored solo, if possible to up trainer ? and add more XP ? and search ?

I saw on another forum that the data was duplicated, so easy to find, I don’t know if it’s still the case.

it would be great if you could do that ^^

its not working anymore

currently its not working can u please fix it ?

its not working please fix it

I’m not sure what the other people in the thread have been saying, the unlimited health has been working a treat for me on the current version of the game
I would love to see some improvements, however, such as resistance to poison/fire as well as unlimited ammo etc would be great additions


Is it working you have all dlc right? And youre playing a 2023 full updated game i wish it worked for me

Yep, ammo would be great.