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Hello. ive been attempting to mod skyrim on the 360 for a week using this program to no avail. Ive watched countless videos and read countless threads. Ive followed the USB steps but am unable to mod any files. i am unable to drag or drop any files without receiving the “invalid signature type” or “invalid stfs.” attempting to inject files yields the same results. if anyone can assist i would greatly appreciate it.

Which files are you trying to drag and drop? Do you have any links you can post from where you got the file?

Just a heads up, ANY mods that add in new game content for the PC version of the game(usually from Nexusmods) WILL NOT work on Xbox 360.

Anything that involves CONSOLE COMMANDS, WILL work on 360. Go here to learn more about console commands.

That actually might be the issue…i only downloaded from nexus… any reputable sites that you can recommend for downloads compatible with the 360?

No mods are compatable with a retail xbox 360. Get a modded console (jtag/rgh/etc) if you want mods to be possible. Or buy a computer.

I have a computer. So all the threads and videos about usb transfers n editing are only for nodded consoles? That’s something I wish I knew a week ago. Thanks

What about downloading someone else’s modded save file for the xbox?

Then you get a modded save with weapons, character, gold, ect. but you can’t add anything to the game that isn’t there originally.

Ok thanks for the help guys. Which mod would u recommend I purchase for the system?

Whatever is possible for your console. But it isn’t worth it for skyrim. You wouldn’t be able to use pc mods without changing them yourself. Play it on a computer I say, you don’t even need a powerful setup to run it.

Like sNaKe said, it’s not worth buying components to JTAG/RGH an Xbox 360 just to maybe get some mods working if you’re lucky and really know what you’re doing.

The best Skyrim modding experience is hands down on the PC version, you can run Skyrim on a relatively low cost PC.

If you can’t go one of those routes, you can download a pre-made gamesave, I recommend one of the Dovahgolt saves as it’s more of an all-in-one package. Or you can upload your own gamesave, and compile a list of console commands. I’ll open your save on the PC version and run your batch list of commands, revert the save back to 360 compatibility & send it back to you for use on your retail Xbox 360.

If you want a gamesave modified with console commands, post a batch list for me along with a link to your gamesave.

Here is an example of a batch list:

player.setav health 5000
player.setav stamina 99999999
player.setav magicka 42069420
player.forceav dragonsouls 999
player.teachword 0003CD31
player.teachword 0003CD32
player.teachword 0003CD33
player.additem 000EAFDF 999999
player.additem 000E738A 999999
player.additem 000CEE9E 999999
player.forceav attackdamagemult 2

If you have any questions let me know & I’ll try my best to answer them

Thanks again due all the help. I attempted using the file you suggested but I continuously get the same error message as before. Is there something other than horizon that i need?

If you’re trying to drag & drop the .rar file, you’re doing it wrong. You’ll need to download a tool that unzips files. Go over and download WinRAR here - just make sure you pick the right language and either 32 or 64 bit depending on what your system is. If you don’t know what your system is, hit the windows key and type “system information” then hit enter. It should show either x32 or x64 under system type.

Once you’ve installed WinRAR, find the Dovahgolt file you downloaded, right click it and select Extract to Dovahgolt (Final) 3-2-2013

You should now see a new folder called Dovahgolt (Final) 3-2-2013 - open that and inside you will find 3 more folders and a text file called About Dovagolt - Read that text file to figure out which of the 3 save games you want to use. Then open that savegames folder to find a file with the ending of .exs

First drag that .exs file into the main window of Horizon, and drag one of your own personal save games to the main Horizon window as well. You’ll be copy & pasting the 3 long ID’s from your save game to the modded Dovahgolt save. Once done, click “Save, Rehash & Resign” a couple times on the Dovahgolt save, and then drag it over to your storage device within Horizon. You should now be able to properly play that save game.

That worked great thanks! Last thing I hope lol. I signed up for steam to buy skyrim but noticed that u now have to pay for most mods. Would it be better to grab a disc or download from a different sight and manually mod? Or will that not work?

Whaat? You don’t need to pay for any mods off of the Skyrim Nexus. I don’t know about the remastered version of the game, that may be different. I own the vanilla version on PC and have hundreds of mods installed without paying a dime.

So i don’t need steam? I can just download the game elsewhere Install mods as I please?

You can either buy the game on steam and download millions of free mods on the nexus just like @Zodiac does.
Or you can buy the game somewhere else not sure if it will link to your steam account anyways though.

The Paid mods shithead bethesda is pushing out now are not mandatory. Free mods are still the best mods

You don’t need steam but if you want a legit copy of the game you’ll probably have to buy it through steam. If you have issues with certain mods/incompatibilities, most mod authors will not help you if you’re not using an official copy of the game. I have a pirated copy though and have always figured things out myself through trial and error and watching a lot of Gopher’s videos - I highly recommend watching this series if you’re just starting out, I wish I knew about it when I started

Want recommendation u can give me on where to find it other than Steam? Because ppl are up in arms on the site about the micro transactions they now face for mods

To get the game cracked you would need to search for yourself :wink:

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Lol ok I guess I’ll give it a shot then