Hogwarts Legacy Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Disable both the gear cheats until you actually need them.

You don’t actually need to keep the cheats on for the whole duration of the game. Just turn them on/off as needed.

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Same problem persists. All the gear I deleted stays in inventory. Anyone have a fix?

Read up, you need to disable the items won’t decrease mod before you go selling them.

still troll killing locks kills game most times
its definatly at the time the troll dies that locks the game up, even with one hit kill off after beating on a troll for 5 minits when it dies game locks up

The Cheat notes specifically state that using the Max Extraordinary and Max Legendary gear drop cheats as well as the Loot Multiplier cheat will sometimes cause the game to crash when engaging trolls in combat. If you are using any of these - turn them off before fighting a troll.

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Would the save game editor be able to fix the inventory issues (from selling gear with unlimited on)? Really don’t want to restart

You don’t need to restart. There is a fix posted above.

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Thank you so much! I apologize, I kept reading it as I had to use an earlier save (which I do not have access to) I didn’t realize there was a full fix.

all you have to do is hit alt E and turn it off

Ok, so now when I hit play and I load the cheats for hogwarts legacy, my character just runs in place, I can’t move but a couple inches, when I close wemod and the cheats, I can move again. What’s going on fling?

If I use your standalone trainer it works fine

I know this might seem obvious but check you didn’t accidentally activate the “set player speed” option cause I accidentally did that once and was very confused.

What i think might be a good addition is ‘auto identify gear’ instead running to the RoR every single time. Maybe even add ‘always has traits’.

thank you!

May you please add a mod to upgrade gear for free? Not seeing it available. Thx!

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I have problems with the cheats Max Extraordinary Gear Drop Rate and Max Legendary Gear Drop Rate. I use them relatively early. I was getting normal items that I could wear when I level up, but there were also items that were unidentifiable. I looked bish on the internet and knew from this table where I could indentify the items. But now I have an error, bug that I can not fix in the long run.
I have the whole inventory with things like coat, hats etc that somehow can not be indentified.
To imagine my problem more simply. Imagine you see an item e.g. a hat or an enhancement for the hat, this appears in the inventory as an item that is e.g. legendary, cannot be destroyed and a transparent foil was put over the item, in addition this always occupies in each case like other items also an inventory place. So my inventory is full of these items. Although I can expand the inventory with another cheat to 500 places but then I have to do every time again when starting the game, in addition, I get through the first 2 mentioned cheats more and more things in the inventory with the things that can not be used and then the inventory is full at some point ( 500 inventory places per area eg hat, occupied ) with it and it goes nothing more. Then this cheat is unfortunately also no longer usable.
A solution wehre that there is a cheat with which you can delete the inventory completely, for example, all hats, coats, pants, etc. except the things you are currently wearing. Another solution I do not see right now is to remove the things that I have unusable in the inventory.
Maybe others here don’t have the problem but due to this problem I advise against using the first two cheats mentioned to get good stuff from chests. Maybe it’s just me with the bug and everyone else doesn’t have it. Who knows ?
Maybe there is someone here who can help me or already knows a solution ?

If you are facing problems with unidentified items you got from early game and even the table or selling those cannot fix it, I recommend you to reset your save. I know it’s tough, but using droprate mods since the beginning is not a very smart idea. It’s your game, you can do whatever you want, but next time try to play a little bit without mods activated (it’s good to learn about the game too), unless you have already played that one. I say this to you because some games have pre-made events, like tutorial. Hogwarts Legacy has things to “teach” you almost in the middle-game.

It’s important to metion that a lot of mods have an exclamation point (!) with important infos about how to use it!

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I think then I will reset the game, ie I have to start from scratch, because I activated the two cheats shortly after the crash, so you can control the character for the first time.

On the subject of mods/cheats, I always read through the exclamation mark info before I use anything, it only says that there are problems with trolls but nothing else, so mods/cheats with trolls turned off and then the subject is through, that’s how I thought about it at the beginning. I was also concerned in the beginning about getting good gear from enemies, not just from chests.
From that I learned to only use the two cheats for chests and skip them otherwise.
Also with other cheats I will look to turn them on only when needed.

To the other comments: Well of course I turn off the cheats before I sell what that is also at the cheats for unlimited items keep because otherwise there may be problems, but this I already know from other games and was therefore forewarned.
Everyone understands the information in the exclamation marks a little differently, so some misunderstandings can arise.
Well, there is something positive, the developers should adapt the information I have explained below to the descriptions of the cheats are all other players who also use the cheats forewarned.
Nevertheless, thanks for your opinions and tips.

To the info in the exclamation mark you could add to use the two cheats only for chests and not only for trolls to disable but generally the rest of the time to reduce problems in the inventory. Now this is a tip to the developers of the trainer.

About the messages, I was just frizzing important points and tips for you! Some problems only will show after someone report it, like you are doing now. And yeah, developers can add notes to ! points based on what you just said, thus came “killing trolls” note!

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I wish there was an unlimited money cheat. I haven’t noticed the money multiplier working for me. Or the loot multiplier. Game started lagging & crashing after using the edit max gear slot cheat. Even when not using Wemod, still crashes.