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You can’t add them that way and play them unless they’re DRM free. What stuff were you trying to add?


Virtua Fighter 5 FS Demo - The Amazing Spideman 2 All DLc Packs


The Spiderman stuff is a definite no. The demos should be fine to add with Horizon, though. How did you go about adding it? And did you change any of the IDs? Also, where did you download the demo from?


Guys i need help, my horizon is starting fine, but don’t go online, i already turned off the MS essentials, the firewall and still don’t go online, now when i end the application, appears this message

[b]the application generated an execution that could not be handled
process ID = 0x1304 (4868 )
segment ID = 0xd4c (3404)
click OK to terminate the application
click CANCEL to debug the application

no JIT debugger registered was specified
click REPEAT to wait while the process manually attach a debugger
click CANCEL to cancel the request for clearance of JIT[/b]


Try this first, uninstall Horizon, and reinstall after downloading from here: See if that helps at all and post back.


I already did this, I uninstalled and installed about 5 times, and still doesn’t work, turned off the MS essentials and made an exception in the firewall for horizon, but, still offline :anguished:


Is this what you did in MS Essentials?
1.Open MS Essentials and go to Settings > Real Time Protection.
2.Then uncheck “Turn on real time protection”.
3.Exit MS Essentials when done.


Yes, I did exactly as you said


Have you tried running Horizon as Administrator by right clicking the icon and selecting it? Also try turning your pc off, and then back on again.


Yeah, i’m running in NT 4.0(service pack 5) and still not working :anguished:, i turn off and turn on, tried again but… still offline


Type of Problem: Not loading, error
OS: Windows 7/ Windows 8
Anti-Virus/Firewall: Smadav
Errors: An error occurred while loading one of your devices!


horizon is not working on my windows vista it wont open i have done basically everything to try to get it to work just letting you know and if you can come up with a solution do tell


Horizon does not work on my second computer as i have tried it.That runs on windows vista.I think it is the windows version as this does run on windows 7


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i am having continuously same error failed to connect to the server i uninstalled my antivirus and turned off windows firewall also tried uninstalling and re installing but all in vain any help please?


Download and install from this link:


yes i have the latest version installed?


Type of Problem: Horizon has stopped working
OS: (Windows 8
Antivirus/Firewall installed:McAfee
Errors: Horizon has stopped working problem when first trying to open it
tried everything i can find but nothing has worked so far, it used to work but i factory reset my laptop


Uninstall Horizon from your laptop and reinstall after downloading from this link:

Also make sure you have .Net Framework 3.5 installed, get it here:

See if those help and post back if you need more assistance. Good luck.


just tried that still not working i do have 3.5 installed