I Can't Use Infinity

Howdy I’ve made previous topic about this problem.

But I still have not been able to use infinity as intended. The problem is whenever I open the program it launches the window above my monitor’s screen. I’ve tried running it as an admin, I’ve tried disabling my firewall software and I’ve tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it again but no luck. I am currently in windows 10 and I’m running version 3 of infinity.

Change your monitors resolution until you can find the window then you should be able to center it and readjust the resolution. Happened to me and someone else once.

It opens above the red arrow. It doesn’t let me select it in any form except opening and closing which happens above the red arrow @Sproy

Thanks for the resolution advice but I’m sorry that did not work either @Chris

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Use this: Infinity Cache Clearer (ICC)

If that does not work here a some ways you can move the window.
Be sure to have Infinity selected in all of them.
Windows key + right or left arrow key
Right click on taskbar and select cascade windows

Thank you very much. That fixed it