App Horizon

I hate how this thing works

I have a limited internet connection through my phone and the fact that I HAVE to be connected to the internet really pisses me off. And the fact that Mr.Antifun doesn’t post standalone trainers on his site anymore really irks me.

I should be able to download the trainers I want, or at the very least the cheats I enable should be loaded into memory and not need a CONSTANT connection to the internet to work.


A constant connection isn’t required to use trainers offline. You can use a trainer offline by first using it while connected to the internet and then you can go offline. Keep in mind that the trainer will work offline until you reboot your PC. The WeMod team are actively trying to improve the offline feature but no date has been given for when the feature will be updated.

You can refer to this thread where a moderator and a member of WeMod’s team stated what I just stated: Offline Mode.

Also, MrAntiFun and WeMod joined forces some months ago and he will exclusively be making trainers for WeMod now. Here’s the thread for the announcement: WeMod + MrAntiFun Announcement.

I hope this helped in some way :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that’s not how it actually works. Or at least that’s not how it’s been working for me this pst week. I connect via my phone, start my game, enable my cheats, then disconnect from my phone. Once I do that the WeMod desktop program goes nuts flashing between a blank screen and the trainer for the game I’m playing with a message at the bottom of the window saying something about not being connected.

The issue you’re having with the flickering screen has been reported here by someone else as well: Infinity. Offline Mode?. One of the devs has confirmed they’re looking into it. :slight_smile: