Is phasmophobia bypass safe

pls pls i need to know if it is real


Yes, the bypass is safe.

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Where do you get the bypass?


my anti virus kicks in

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In that case, you need to temporarily disable your antivirus, add the bypass file as an exception to your antivirus, then re-enable your antivirus.

Can I use this in a multiplayer lobby with friends without getting banned by using the bypass?

I would not recommend it. We don’t know what kind of checks the game has for MP.

Oh alright, but this is safe for singleplayer right? i just need to make sure because I don’t want to get banned for messing around in singleplayer

We aren’t aware of any bans, but there is always a risk associated with using a 3rd party mods.

is it okay to get some money in single player and then exit and go into multiplayer?

is the bypasser 100% safe? please i want to know if it is a virus or not.

Yes, it’s 100% safe. It modifies Phasmophobia’s code to bypass the anti-mod they added, which antiviruses do not like files doing.

It doesn’t infect your computer with any sort of malware.

yes but in yt videos some people say that the bypasser is a trojan

That’s because they’re looking at their antivirus and thinking it’s a trojan. This is false. The bypass triggers what’s known as a “false-positive”, where the antivirus thinks the file is a virus, when it actually is not.

ok so if i go to singleplayer can i get banned if i play singleplayer only?


Funny how when i downloaded it, it says “Virus detected”, including it saying “Trojan” on the virus that has been detected

This is what’s known as a “false-positive”. The file doesn’t actually contain Trojan.

Anti-viruses tend to hate files that edit other files, hence they think it’s malicious.

The bypass file is fine to use. I’ve used it myself when testing the game.

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Why does it say its a trojan?