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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats and Trainer for Steam


First of all thank you for the cheat.
I’ve juste one question, how the Unlimited XP cheat works ? Is there Something todo ?

Thank you by advance,


Yeah kill someone or do something to gain it in game to see it take effect


Ok thank you


@STN is that before or after activation?


After activation


Hey can anyone tell me how to get perfect reputation to work


would you consider adding a ghost mode? this would be great specially doing the viper of nest quest.


Is this working? seems to DC me.


Why are you using it online? :woman_shrugging:


There’s not even an online mode xD
It’s fully singleplayer.
Not sure what he means by “DC me”




Hello game 1.5 update is on so the trainer is not working.
@STN can you update the trainer ?
Thank you in advance


Version Guard is useless, isn’t it? Wonder why it was released when people are so used to the annoying cycle of game breaking trainers and then waiting for trainer updates :woman_shrugging:



Yeah it is, most features seem work but things like stamina, health, hunger etc don’t work anymore. Dunno what works apart from weight.


can this get updated?


I love infinity and how it works so i hope to see trainer update thanks


How long will this take to be updated.

Not trying to be rude just curious.


Long because it’s not my problem you guys aren’t using Version Guard. Wasn’t VG released to prevent this type of situation?


Sorry I’m new to WeMod what the hell is Version guard?


Well version guard is a way so when a game gets an update it wont break the trainer you have to enable it then when a game updates you just choose the version and still use the trainer
Till the dev updates the trainer