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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Version Guard isn’t working for me. Still says this trainer does not support your game version
Ah well Ill wait for the update


You need to have Version guard installed before the game updates
Otherwise it won’t work.

Also it might take a while till STN updates this


Version Guard was active before game update, but for me the trainer doesn’t work anymore for 1.5. It did before 1.5.

Isn’t Version Guard only useful when you’re playing on an older game version? Doesn’t the trainer need to be updated the moment the game gets updated? Like… As long as I can’t select the latest game version in Infinity, I should expect compatibility problems, right? Or is that not how Version Guard works?


I am pretty sure version guard enables an older version of the game to run (the latest version that is compatable with the trainer) until the trainer is updated to work with the latest game version.


version guard saves a snapshot of the game when the game gets updated.
it enables you to play the older version of the game while waiting for the trainer to be updated


Oh crap, I was wrong when I said Version Guard didn’t work for me. I forgot I recently reinstalled Infinity and forgot to enable it for all games again… Sorry!

Anyways… Yeah I wasn’t sure if it was the actual game which it made a copy of or if it just made a backup of all previous trainer versions, meaning that we had to manually ‘block’ the game from updating until the trainer got updated. The latest not really making any practical sense, now that I think about it… Thanks for clearing that up!

I don’t understand STN’s latest comment though. What’s wrong about wanting to play an up to date version of the game and asking for an update timespan? Why “long because you guys aren’t using Version Guard”? Would it be sooner if those who aren’t using it, would be using it? I mean, I honestly don’t understand the reasoning :thinking:

It should not be forgotten that every day, new people discover Infinity. Those people will only be able to play the latest game version, so telling them off because they’re not using Version Guard is not really fair. That’s why I hope Steam will eventually add easy game version switching, rather sooner than later :slight_smile:


He just hates game updates.
But to be fair. He is going trough every game and updating it. Games he already has updated will be on the bottom of the list again because of version guard


Steam is never going to add that. They did in past like a decade ago, not anymore.


should i play the game With the latest Version? or how should i use the Version guard, because a lot of the cheats does not work in the latest Version!


Did you activate version guard before the update?


I just see diff versions for the cheat.


I cant use Infinite money and perk points, and also the trainer doesn’t work anymore please fix this.


I just see diff Versions for the cheat.


And? You didn’t answer my question.


How do you activate it?


Go to settings -> Version Guard -> enable or activate or whatever. Only works if you activated it before game update, so everyone who got Version Guard after latest game update, will have to wait for a trainer update.

It’s the same for every game.


Ugh, looks like there needs to be a tutorial for version guard.


I dont think people know how to use it because there never was a tutorial on what it is or how to use it


Hello again, what happen to people like me which has used the guard only after 1.5? i really hope for an update for all people like me (i never heard about version guard before this kingdom come deliverance patch).
Thank you in advance


I think infinity money is not working properly, i activate and nothing happens when i go to the inifinity to see whats wrong, he deactivated on its own.