Middle-earth: Shadow of War (Definitive Edition) Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Please repair the unlimited / 5k miriam. Its crashing the game and not working

Seems like all the cheats are now crashing the game at random times.

Very late reply I know, but for me the trainer usually only works if I start the game through steam first, and activate the trainer in the main menu. Any other way crashes it for me. Hope this works for you too.

I still get the game crash issue regardless of starting it before or after activating through Wemod. It seems to be the unlimited focus button for me, the rest works flawlessly. Unfortunately it does stop you from accessing a lot of abilities, therefore making the game less enjoyable. I know its a fairly old game, but I literally bought the game to play with this trainer. Any idea if we are going to get an update?

please update cheats are not working thank you

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it is the focus cheat, after turning it on 5-8 seconds later it goes to no focus and cannot gain focus again.if you happen to hit the chat again the game crashes. other cheats work fine.

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Focus cheat doesn’t work. Also Cheats result in massive graphical errors. Also everything said invalid string ID. Please update trainer.

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The silver coin cheat does not work :frowning:
Can you add a gem cheat? :slight_smile:

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Same here!
is there an update to come ?

Same here
game crashes everytime…
Update maybe ?

add 5k coins doesnt work. pls help

I actually found a solution for the Definitive Edition. All I had to do was start the campaign before activating the cheats. And for the silver, you’ll need to use it as many times as you want then restart the game to see the silver be added. Found that out by accident when my neighborhood had a power outage and saw I had 2M silver coins after getting back into the game. So for those having troulbe, start the campaign before activating the cheats, and for those using the silver, quit the campaign and rejoin to see the silver be added. Or enter inventory, use the silver cheat, exit inventory then re-open it. If it doesn’t work, just exit the campaign and re-enter it. Also make sure to disable the cheats after exiting then re-starting the cheats after re-joining so there won’t be able future problems. That’s how I solved it and figured things out, might work or might not work. That’s just how I figured things out.