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Modding achievements on 360, no modded box, trueachievements, and online

Hi there,

So as the title states, i am interested in using this tool to mod some achievements for certain games.

I have a few questions regarding the whole process, so i have a normal 360, not a modded one, how dangerous would it be to use Horizon on that in modding GS ?, would i be ‘‘safer’’ in using a modded 360 ?.

Second, Is anyone here familiar with trueachievements, if so, what are the chances you will get banned/reset on trueachievements for modding your GS?

Lastly, deciding to unlock certain online achievements on games like gears of war, halo, etc…bad idea overal, or would i be able to get away with it ?.

Thank you for reading trough this thread, much appreciated.

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Welcome to the community!

Generally, modding Gamerscore without doing so carefully can get you banned. Some tips are to not unlock achievements in batches that can be seen as suspicious (doing all achievements simultaneously or unlocking them out of order). Try to unlock them in an order that makes sense (looking at Trueachievements comes in handy) for the order at which achievements are unlocked. Modded consoles are usually meant for obtaining cracked games and installing external mods for games so unless that is what you’re after, a retail console is just fine.

As for possibly getting banned from Trueachievements, I’m not too sure but as long as you are careful you should be fine.

For online achievements: try to unlock them in an order that would make sense chronologically to minimize your chances of being flagged by Microsoft’s dragnet.

I hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction :slight_smile:.

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Hi User_N4m3,

First of, much appreciated for replying and going into detail.
From what i’ve been reading, and you even telling me, i definitely will need to be careful with unlocking GS, i will need to do in moderation, and unlock achievements in order.

I was under the assumption that having a modded xbox somehow increases your chances of not getting banned / flagged by MS …guess i got the wrong info, thank you for correcting it. (saves me the money of buying a modded xbox hehe!)

Asking this again just to ease my own mind hehe …i definitely can unlock online achievements, correct ? of course unlocking them in chronologically order, and being very careful, should not get me banned ?

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Online achievements should unlock just the same as offline ones just make sure the game’s online servers are still up so it doesn’t raise any immediate red flags. When I used Horizon, I only used other save games to get those hard to get achievements, but using the Achievement Unlocker tool in Horizon will likely be of no issue. Here’s another thread about using the Achievement Unlocker for your reference: Horizon Achievement Unlocker.

As I’ve already stated, modding achievements to any caliber is playing with fire with your account. Most of the time before they ban you, they will reset your gamerscore and if you do too many achievements at once they will likely console ban you or at least your account.

In an ideal world, using a completely offline account for achievement modding won’t get you banned or flagged since that profile never was online.

Tread carefully my friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Hi User_N4m3,

Thank you for writing such a detailed post, much appreciated.

I will be sure to thread very carefully hehe, you have definitely convinced me to grab get this.

I’ll be sure to look into save files, are they much safer / easier to use, because they have good timestamps ?, and, where would I find these ?.



Not a problem! I write these posts like I write emails, just force of habit lol.

The thing with save games is that you are playing someone else’s save from their console. Any achievements they may have unlocked or things they have done will be in the save. I would only advise using save games if you are missing a few achievements since any achievements included with the save will unlock all at once and that could be seen as achievement batching by Xbox Live servers. Game saves are only timestamped as a save, no individual achievements will have timestamps until you load the save and achievements start popping left and right then the current date/time is stamped on the achievement(s).

As for obtaining said save games, this link has every save you can think of for any Xbox 360 game: You just type in the game and a list of saves is given to you. You will have to use Horizon and a flash drive formatted to FAT32 to change the console and profile IDs so your console can read and play the save successfully. For your reference, here’s a thread that describes how to use Horizon: Horizon | The Basics.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need something cleared up!