App Horizon

Old Timers



I love you guys. <3


Nice, haven’t been on in a while. I love the new look :smiley:


Think i may have it


Holy mother of god. I’m gone for a month or two and the site changes and I’m suddenly an old timer.

Damn hooligan teenagers.


So, probably missed by a lot… :confused:


old school Baby !!!


Woo, I just came online today for the first time in a long time to find I am an old timer. Awesome!


Oh hell yeah, I was wondering why I had the badge. First post in over a year, too. :smiley:


Test :stuck_out_tongue: I might have it. Probably not haha.


My old account got it xD But I missed it by 2 years on this one. Glad to see the retirements changed! Congrats to all (:


Don’t really use the forum much but cool. Been with Horizon for some time.


It is good to see the site continuing to thrive! :smiley:


Oh, how time flies :smile:


old timer eh? wise guy.


Cool. :smile:


Nice, I like the title :thumbsup:


:slight_smile: I rarely posted, but looks like i have it , i’ve been off the xboxmb scene for a few years now




Still got it! :stuck_out_tongue: Cheater remember when zrueda, x360c (brett) and you and i played cod4? Lol those were the days. Looks like i still get to keep my oldtimer though! Nice :stuck_out_tongue: