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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


love this i do have a idea for u and i don’t know exactly where to put it so i just put it here u should make the cheats hacks glitches whatever toots your horn but make them for the vr version and also make it so you can get all the skins and weapon parts with one click once again love this and hope to see more updates in the future.


I cant seem to get the cash and skill points to work, any specific instructions? Gonna keep working on it.


Great trainer! Will a sort of ghost mode be developed so we can breeze through the stealth only heists?


You can’t max out the skill tree. That’s why it gets reset every time you use it. Max your level and restart your game. It should give you every point you would “legitly” earn and go from there.


Ghost mode broke some time ago and hasn’t been able to be fixed. So using the cheat that disables them shooting is the only other alternative.


Ok, Thx.


Trainer needs to be updated :slight_smile:


Trainer needs an update due to the new Update 180. The game does not play and shows the message, “This trainer does not support your version of the game!” when I press play. My game has been updated to the latest version. Thanks for the all the work though, appreciate it!


Amazing Trainer! Not sure it needs an update yet as most of it’s still working, but an update would be appreciated.

Not sure if it’s just me, but while using this trainer, it sometimes just stops working for no reason and an attempt to restart Infinity crashes the game.


does this work with payday2 VR and if not are you planning on adding support for it?


No and most likely no


is it my problem or do everytime i turn on Instant Interactions, Pager just doesn’t work ? it’s like i Did press F and it Did show up the animation but the pager is still there (and i did it in Pub i just lost connection with the Host…)


Also we need a new update if you don’t mind…Great work!


Seconding the new update request. This is (for some reason, probably masochism) one of my favorites. Thanks for doing the impossible, as always :slight_smile:


Great mod, thanks. Any chance you can add back in something to stop alarms or being detected?


i actually have the translation to what Galileo_Omega said. he said: Hello, do you know why it does not work with my PAYDAY 2? I try again several times and I have no antivirus …
I hope you can tell me a solution.
Thank you.


Is there a way to fix an issue with the trainer where the game will start when hitting the play button but once the game starts, the check mark goes away and every time I click again, it will stay for a few seconds then go back to the play button without a check mark?


The trainer needs updating. That’s why it does that. Believe me, I have the same issue.


Any news of cheat update? Also we really Need the Ghost mode, Great job as always!


Second this, Ghost mode would be lovely if/when you get round to it in your busy mod que .