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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


yeah I did but…really nothing works and it will return to no tick at the play button box


If there is no check then nothing is going to work because that means it didn’t inject. Read through this thread because you likely need to delete a DLL. If you are using any other mods you will need to uninstall them.


the continental coins cheat does not work i tried everything on my old post of this and nothing works

Please help if you can


The problem appeared today (14th July), when button “Play” in Infinity didin’t work (i mean after click nothing happend), I’m not sure if it’s beacuse mods i installed yesterday or other things. And how to fix it?


keep spamming and will work (cheat adds 1k coins, so when u have 1k or 2k it doesn’t matter)


Yupp using mods will interfear with infinity
Delete the mods


I have the same problem but I’haven’t any mod …


@AlbertoLiberto Look for File call IPHLPAPI.dll or .exe in your PAYDAY 2 Files. if you Do have it. Delete it with the File it’s from.


Yes, thanks, it’s good that work !


So you don’t want to play the game?


I think he was gonna make one that plays the game for you. You just sit and watch. Lottsa fun.


So I tried hackernico’s suggestion from above to get the continental coins cheat to work, and it still isn’t working. What am I doing wrong?


Hello can you update the trainer for the latest version? (V1.91.619)


Remember; you gotta activate your cheats when you’re already in a game, so you can use the continental coin cheat or any money or skill cheat when you’re in a game.
What i always do; is i go to Crime.Net offline and and go to your safe house, activate your cheats (i stronly suggest to hotkey your main cheats that you always use under one key) and then leave, go to the menu, and there you should have it.
Also after leaving, you can still use the shortcut keys for the coins or money, then after pressing them, go to your inventory, and they should appear there.


about the update and stuff, Unknownv2 is gone missing or something, so Wait for it or you can just don’t play it.


all cheats work except the stat and money ones for me, this is great but i would like to boost my skill points abit, im on an offline mission, i even finished it after adding the codes, not used any mods and its a clean install of windows and payday, any ideas? im using latest version of steam and infinity


The trainer is great but is there any chance of a ‘no alarm or invisibility’ feature being added?


I installed a few mods onto payday 2, but soon realized that they made the game compatible with the trainer, so I deleted the mods, and tried again, still didn’t work. Then, I checked the integrity of the files using steam, tried again, nada. Then I uninstalled then reinstalled the game, but the trainer is still not simpatico with my “version” of payday 2. Anyone able to help?


Iphelpapi.DLL needs to be removed from the game folder


Keeps crashing whenever I try adding skill points