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PAYDAY 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


don’t worry, it works even w that


If we vote to update it, maybe a different creator could update it.
If that is how it works.


Trainer doesn’t need updating. Honestly no one is sure why people keep on voting for it.


Everything works and unknown reversed the game engine so there isn’t anyone else that could update it without redoing the entire trainer.


Maybe add the versions to the meta so people can’t vote for an update? I think people are voting cause they see that big trainer outdated notice


Why don’t remake the trainer? It seems PD2 trainer is more popular than most of new games. And studio isn’t planning to update their game very often anymore. And in comparison with another PD2 trainer ‘P3DHackFree’ makes unknown’s trainer a bit useless, because it outdated and doesn’t have cool and important features e.g. multiple-bags hack, no movement penalty when carrying heavy nukes/artifacts loot, instantly create all types of cards, instant drilling/computer hacking, open all deposites/safes/doors/overdrill room etc with one click, bag all loot, etc.


P3DHack also requires you install additional mods to use all the options. WeMod only reads and writes from memory so not everything that P3D offers is possible. On top of that they charge for premium options. As I stated above the trainer is not outdated. The version number doesn’t match but Unknown reversed the engine to make sure the cheats would never need to be updated.


So the updates message will just stay like it is? guess there is no point in pressing Request Update in Infinity since the creator wants nothing to do with Infinity anymore which sucks, since there are a lot of requests for games to be added.


Can you optimize mods for newest version of Payday 2 ??


The cheats work for the newest version. Just ignore the popup that tells you the cheats may not work.


Is it possible to add a perk point cheat? It would be good in my opinion for the decks, so please add it if possible


Doesnt work atm, no cheat even starts


How long until next update


Payday 2 will not be updated. The cheats still function and the person who made them is no longer around.


For some reason, none of the cheats works for me.
I don’t think it’s normal.

Game version: steam and december 21 2018


If you’re using mods for payday delete them as well as the IPHELPAPI.dll in your game folder.


I don’t.

edit: It work, for a bit…

It crash without any warning and even when doing nothing.


Bullshit, they dont work at all


What doesn’t work? I just tested it and everything was working.


The teleport section does not work at all and the rest of the cheat work half of the time.

Also, either it’s only me who has that problem but when launching the game with cheats, the game will crash even with nothing doing on the screen.

I am the only one who has that kind of problem ?