Phasmophobia Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Can you add an anti kick for the lobby? plz

They aren’t designed for multiplayer anyway. More than likely, they won’t add an anti-kick for the lobby since they’re designed around a singleplayer experience.

is there have any chance getting banned in phamos when I using cheat ?


issues since new content update june 25th and recent patch june 26th : game v0.6.2.2

  1. refuses to show player location (in any of the maps, just shows “unknown”)
  2. Max Sanity (button does not stay on and does not affect sanity)
  3. freeze current sanity (does not stay on and does not affect sanity)
  4. ghost location (does not show anything other then “unknown” in any map)

for me all other options are working in Pro Version.

Please people, to get this game into the queue for bug fixes, you must have it tagged as favorite by clicking on the star next to the title name in the wemod client.


I have the updated version of Wemod and updated version of Phasmophobia my roommate and i both notice that the Unlimited Sanity (F8) does not work it just makes the cancel sound and turns off again.
I made sure both programs are up to date. Oh game is run through Steam.

Any idea’s/help would be gratefully appreciated.

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Like others have said after the latest update max sanity/freeze sanity does not work. It automatically turns off immediately after activation.

The Phasmophobia cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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