Phasmophobia Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Still works fine for me. No issues here.

weird. it was working fine the past few weeks. now it will work in the lobby, then the second i load a solo game the loading bar feezes and the game crashes. cant find a work around. not sure what changed.

Won’t let me download because virus detected and I would rather not take down my firewalls. I tried playing Phas without WeMod even open and the game was still saying it detected WeMod! I don’t know why it did this and I hope I’m not banned now. I’ve only ever used WeMod for single player.

Edit: Game won’t launch at all no matter what I do. Guess I can’t play Phas anymore …

Make sure to close down wemod. It runs in the background. So look in your application tray and exit/end wemod. Then you can run the vanilla game.

where do i put the file

Thanx you it works, but the 50*multiplicat is dead only 15 ? Greets

The game developer added a 15x limit.

Is it safe to play in a private multiplayer session with a friend? I read the above questions but I want to make sure I am not at risk of banning.

One thing I just found out is, if you have The Mimic as the Ghost. The Ghost Type will change to whatever it’s mimicking. Haven’t had it happened till now lol

Cheating/Hacking/Unofficial Modding ALWAYS carries a risk. Low Risk =/= No Risk.
You’ll always have a chance of getting banned. I’d usually say play smart and don’t get banned. I haven’t encounter any issues with multiplayer sessions (friends ofcourse) as of now.

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I does not work, i tried everything and the bypass freeze when you execute it…does anyone knowns if this is working or have any tips to give to me?

I can use bypass to start the game, but I want to know whether I can use it when playing with my friends in my private room. If I choose to use it in my private room, will it be immediately banned? Or can you play normally as before without being banned?

hey,bro.I just want to ask you something. If I create a private room to play with my friends when I play with bypass and cheater, will I be banned?

I also want to know whether it is possible to ban private games with friends?

I don’t suggest you doing it if you are worried about getting banned.

Read what I replied above. But i’ll say it again.

There are ALWAYS risks when hacking/cheating/modding. You’re not 100% safe from anything. Even in multiplayer/private session with friends. Use it at your own risk.

As for me, I personally just use Ghost Location, Favourite Room & Ghost Type. I don’t mess with the Multipliers/Settings of the game and/or stats.

I took a gamble for the Bronze Apocalypse Trophy. Refresh the lobby till I get doable objectives, use visible ghost, disable ghost, location, fav room & type. :ok_hand: Tho it’s a really high risk to modify the ghost’s behaviour.

Thank you, my friend. My situation is the same as yours. I only use the location and type of ghosts, and nothing else. I don’t think there should be too much risk in the private room. After all, I just benefit from it.

How do you know if the Bypass is working? I open the bypass first, then open phas when I do the bypass closes. I’m not sure if its working?

Have you been banned yet? I only use location and ghost type too.