Phasmophobia Cheats and Trainer for Steam

oui mais à la fin de ma partie ça marque ce message en quitte à jeux

oui mais à la fin de ma partie ça marque ce message en quitte à jeux le message au-dessus c’est moi je me suis trompé de compte

lmao it says that the file is a Trojan virus unless proven otherwise im not downloading this

im confused. i downloaded the bypass. when i open it nothing happens. when i extract it the exe isnt even there. and when i try to move the exe it doesnt work. what do i do

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Here is the issue with anti virus reports… They are not accurate, in fact i’d argue that only about 60% of the time do they get it right…

What you and others are failing to understand is how an antivirus program scans and determines what is flagged as a Trojan or a virus… What the program does is run a scan based off a named database with known file names and types that are for sure malicious, then it checks for programs that meets basic criteria regardless if its true or not…

Fun fact, did you know that for years, when you installed a fresh copy of windows and then installed an antivirus program (without EVER connecting to the internet) you would by default find MULTIPLE “trojans” and “spyware” because basic windows programs had “similar” basic functions that were identified as “potential threats”.

Think of it this way, the antivirus program is told basic instructions and does not probe further so imagine it this way:

You are told to find any potential threatening people in a crowd (you in this case are the antivirus and the people in the crowd are the programs). Your parameters are as follows;

  1. Anyone smiling is ok
  2. Anyone following the marked paths only is ok.
  3. Anyone talking in large groups is ok.

Now, think about what happens here… you will probably identify many people as threats based off of those piss poor criteria… For example the person who just finished a 14 hour shift and is trying to get home to sleep, they might not smile, and if the walkway is crowded and they are rushing to a bus stop, they might walk off the beaten path to get the the stop on time… Are they a threat? Not at all! But based on the basic parameters they are flagged falsely as one…

This is a VERY simplified way of explaining antivirus software, but also surprisingly accurate.

This all said, you should always trust your gut as well, you want proof that it isnt a trojan virus, but taking the word of people on the internet (the very same crowd of people saying its safe in some cases) and that wont be substantial proof. Honestly, I have never seen the dev community intentionally give us bad files or viruses, it would be business suicide to do that… But again, its your machine, take or dont take whatever risks you choose, I just wanted to take a moment to educate you and anyone else who MIGHT NOT know exactly why some files get flagged even when they are not malicious at all.

i cant dowlode it because of virse

When I download the bypass, my antivirus goes off and says it is a virus.

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Question, I keep getting the popup remilannee posted and the game won’t load, how do I get the bypass to stop working and let the game open normally

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tried this i open bypass but the game doesnt launch at all :confused: i gave up

I tried as well, I either get an error saying there is an issue when starting Wemod with the bypass or nothing happens when I start phas on steam with bypass. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

First start the Bypass and then start Phasmo with wemod.